Some endearing animated eggs star in the ‘Today, egg’ campaign

Spaniards consumed an average of 3 eggs a week at home in 2020, which represented an increase of 16.7% compared to 2019.

The Interprofessional Organization of the Egg and its Products (INPROVO), has presented this Tuesday in Madrid its campaign ‘Today, Egg’, to stand out the nutritional value of the egg and its important role in foodboth for the body and for the mind. Likewise, the campaign seeks to value the sector Spanish producer and his commitment to the quality, safety, animal welfare and sustainability.

under the motto ‘Today, Egg. Feeds body and mind’, INPROVO will start its two-year campaign on January 3, which can be seen for 3 weeks on television. It consists of 7 spots, one for each day of the week, that encourage eating eggs and highlight the advantages of one of the most complete foods in our diet. The creator of this campaign, the creative agency despues debet this time on a recognizable language of its own, with eggs as animated characters protagonists of funny stories in the kitchen or in the store.

The campaign is completed with activation in digital media, social networks and with the campaign website, where users can find information about the egg and its nutritional properties. Easy recipes for all audiences, informative articles and other campaign materials can also be consulted.

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Three eggs a week per person

According to data from Egg Consumption Observatory in Spainin 2020 each Spaniard consumed on average 151 eggs at home, compared to 130 in 2019, which represents an increase of 16.7%. In total, in Spanish households last year more than 6,130 million eggs were consumed, that is, 17 million a day.

This increase was also reflected in the average weekly consumption, which went from 2.5 eggs per person per week in 2019 to 3 eggs in 2020. Eggs have therefore become one of the fastest growing food categories in Spanish households in the last year, with 17.1% more in volume than in 2019.

However, despite being a food deeply rooted in Spanish gastronomic culture, there are important differences in the consumption of eggs. According to the Egg Consumption Observatory in Spain, there are two population groups with growth potential.

On the one hand, the families with childrenwhose consumption of eggs is situated 40% below average Spanish and young households without childrenwho consume 13% less than the average. For this reason, the first year of the campaign will target families with children and the second will target young people without children, who are the two groups that consume fewer eggs than the Spanish average and in which it is expected to improve consumption frequency and penetration.

The consumption of eggs, beneficial for children and adults

“The objective of the campaign is clear: the egg is one of the most complete foods due to its composition, and it has important nutritional properties that many consumers are unaware of. Our job at INPROVO is to remember it, to value the egg accordingly. We all know it’s a affordable, fresh food that almost everyone likes and that is present in numerous recipes of our Mediterranean gastronomy. We always have it in the fridge, but we often forget its full value,” he says. María del Mar Fernández, director of Inprovo.

That’s why we have to remember that the egg is good for the body and for the mind, so we can consider it an extraordinary food. It has all the key attributes: nutrition, flavor and convenience. Y is produced in Spain, with professionals who apply the standards of the European Union, so it is also safe and sustainable. It is time to give it the importance it deserves”, he reiterates.

For its part, Jaime Martin, CEO of the Lantern innovation consultancy, who supports INPROVO in preparing the campaign, talks about the prejudices that still remain around the egg. “Although it seems that the myths related to the consumption of eggs have been overcome, the truth is that there are still some population groups, such as parents with young children, who limit the consumption of eggs in their diets without objective reasons that justify it. Definitely, it is time to highlight the many benefits of consuming eggswhich provides nutrients of interest to the physical and cognitive health of children and adults,” he says.

The egg sector in Spain

Spanish laying poultry is one of the most modern and dynamic in the EU, and the turnover in 2020 of eggs for consumption was 1,056 million euros17.5% more than in 2019. It represents the 1.33% of food purchases in our country.

Spain has established itself as the fourth producer of eggs in the EUwith 47.1 million laying hens, generates some 15,000 direct jobs and around 60,000 indirect jobs, and in 2020 it exported more than 30,000 tons of eggs and egg products to third countries.

Data sheet

  • Campaign: “TODAY, EGG”
  • Advertiser: INPROVO
  • target: families
  • Launch: January 2022
  • Advertiser: INPROVO (Interprofessional Organization for Eggs and Egg Products)
  • campaign title: Today, egg. Feed body and mind
  • Pieces: 7 20” spots + 10” versions // Digital pieces and RRSS //
  • Advertiser Contact: Mar Fernandez
  • creative agency: After Valencia
  • Managing Director After Valencia: Jordi Duran
  • Client Services Director: Eva Sarasol
  • Media Director: Manuel Barbera
  • Accounts director: Ana Gimeno
  • account executive: Anna Llopis
  • Executive Creative Director: Iker Mugica
  • Creative Supervisors: Xema Cabanes, David Gisbert
  • Art Director: Cristina Mestre
  • Design: Borja Flores
  • editors: Jose Maria Navas, Charly Iranzo, Odilo Montero
  • Production: Super strong
  • Executive producer: Alex Crespo
  • production type: 3d animation
  • media agency: IPG Mediabrands
  • Strategic Agency: Lantern
  • Communication Agency: Peidró Communication

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Some endearing animated eggs star in the ‘Today, egg’ campaign

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