Sonic Prime: the Netflix animated series unveils its first images

It’s been more than a year since the streaming giant teases us with this nice project, but here it is, finally. Expected by the end of the year on Netflix, the animated series Sonic Prime began to reveal itself recently, through a first quick teaser, but full of promise…

The blue hedgehog is doing well. More than 30 years after its first appearance on console, Sonic is still as popular as ever, even crossing the borders of video games. You will not have escaped it, the mascot of SEGA has indeed made a remarkable entry into dark rooms, with a live-action film which was initially the subject of controversy, but whose success has finally inspired a second installment released this year, with a third already announced for the end of 2024. And while fans are no doubt impatiently awaiting its return to the gaming world, through Sonic Frontiers which is scheduled for release in November on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, the sprinter is also preparing to invest in the most famous streaming platform: Netflix.

So certainly, the inveterate will remind us that the blue hedgehog already has its place on the platform at N red, since we find the cartoons there sonic x and sonic boom. But the latter already existed outside Netflix, the first having made the heyday of TF1 youth programs in the early 2000s, and the second having arrived on Canal J ten years later. What we’re talking about today is new content, a new animated series produced by the streaming giant, “é que s’apelerio” Sonic Prime. Announced for more than a year, this original creation is finally starting to unfold: Netflix recently shared a first teaser for this most anticipated new project.

The return of Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Prime

It goes very quickly, but in 30 seconds flat, we can already see one thing: images very faithful to the world of video games Sonic the Hedgehog. And whether it’s in the features of the characters, in 3D of course, but also in the sound that sounds when picking up the golden rings, like in the sets with a retro side on the checkerboard hills which is not for displease… Then, fans will certainly be delighted to see the return of some legendary characters alongside the blue hedgehog, starting with one of his mythical antagonists who appears from the outset in this teaser: Shadow, his alter ego ” shady”.

Shadow the Hedgehog, the black hedgehog with red peaks, will challenge the blue hedgehog in "Sonic Prime".
Shadow the Hedgehog, the black hedgehog with red peaks, will challenge the blue hedgehog in “Sonic Prime”. © COURTESY OF NETFLIX

Introduced in 2001 in a cult game, Sonic Adventures 2we were already expecting to find the ugly black hedgehog on the big screen, since as we are reminded Geek Diary he appears in the post-credits scene of the second live-action film, thus announcing his entrance to the cinema in sonic 3… But before that, it is in the animation series of the platform that makes TUDUM that we will soon be able to see him giving our hero a hard time! Then of course, you suspect that Shadow will not be the only villain of the show… Sonic will also have to deal with his eternal enemy, the mad scientist with a big mustache, Doctor Ivo Robotnik known as “Eggman”. We can see him in these first images obviously at the controls of a giant robot, and as noticed by the lynx eye of FredZonegems reminiscent of the famous Emeralds of Chaos seem to be the object of his desire…

Eggman in search of Chaos Emeralds in "Sonic Prime" ?
Eggman looking for Chaos Emeralds in “Sonic Prime”? © COURTESY OF NETFLIX

If we also note a furtive appearance of Big the Cat in this teaser, beyond all this the mystery remains whole as to the plot of this Sonic Prime. But the good news is that we shouldn’t have to wait too long to discover this animated series which promises to be particularly promising on Netflix… By unveiling these first images, the streaming giant took the opportunity to give us, in the absence of a precise date, an idea of ​​when the blue hedgehog will tumble onto the platform: the rendezvous is set for the winter!

Sources: Netflix, Journal du Geek, FredZone

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Sonic Prime: the Netflix animated series unveils its first images

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