Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Learn all about Disney+ animation

Season two premiered on Disney Plus; meet the cartoon’s band of “defective” heroes and what to expect from the new episodes

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Released in 2021, the animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch recently premiered its second season exclusively on the Disney Plus platform, featuring 16 new episodes that will be released weekly.

Haven’t watched the first season and don’t know what we’re talking about? So check it out here with Game On everything you need to know about the new animation set in the famous space saga created by George Lucas.

Who are the Bad Batches?

Created by Dave Filoni (from the animations Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels), The Bad Batch is a spin-off series, and also a sequel, to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, located in shortly after the events of Star Wars: Episode III.

The series has as protagonists the Clone Force 99also known as the Bad Deeds (introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars), a troop of five “defective” clones with genetic mutations that make them different from other clones, embarking on daring mercenary missions across the galaxy.

Clone Force 99 is made up of the leader Hunter, the big guy Wrecker, the tech specialist Tech, the sniper Crosshair and the smart Echo. Alongside them, the series also features an unprecedented protagonist in the franchise, a girl known as Omega, who works as a medical assistant on Kamino and who ends up joining the Bad Batch group.

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Omega is actually also a clone of Jango Fett, but female and genetically unaltered, that is, without special abilities or accelerated growth like the other five clones.

In addition to the six main characters, the series also features guest appearances by well-known characters from the space saga such as the mercenary Fennec Shand (featuring in The Mandalorian), Admiral Tarkin who is in the service of the Galactic Empire, the extremist rebel Saw Guerrera, among others. many others.

What to expect from season 2

Star Wars The Bad Batch Learn all about Disney

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In addition to showing the adventures of the charismatic group of stray clones in a galaxy that begins to be dominated by the nefarious Galactic Empire, The Bad Batch also focuses on showing why the Empire decided to exchange the efficient armies of clones for the enlistment of normal people in the messes. Stormtroopers.

Season Two will continue to follow Clone Force 99’s journey through the rise of the Empire as they cross paths with friends and enemies new and familiar, including the presence of Emperor Palpatine himself as well as Commander Cody, the clone who was known for his loyalty to the Republic and the Jedi, but continued working for the Empire as a Stormtrooper after the fateful Order 66.

the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will feature 16 episodes that will be made available weekly on Wednesdays on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Learn all about Disney+ animation

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