‘Strange world’: the new Disney is an entertaining science fiction family adventure, with brilliant animation but the script falls short

Last year there were two disney animated movies that came to theaters, the nice ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ and the wonderful ‘Charm’but the truth is that neither did very well in theaters. Then it is true that ‘Encanto’ became a worldwide phenomenon when it could be seen at no additional cost in Disney+but it remains to be seen whether this strategy is profitable for the company, especially if we take into account that recently announced record losses with streaming.

Now the study tries its luck again with ‘Strange world’a science fiction adventure for the whole family that draws so much from literature pulp as of a certain cinema today practically non-existent. The result is a movie dazzling in the visual section and loaded with good intentionsbeing a pity that the script is, by far, its weakest link.

It takes more than good intentions

‘Strange world’ is a story that feels traditional in the narrative. It is true that there are well-integrated inclusive details that reveal the time in which it was made, but what tells is a more obvious story, making use of the relationship problems between parents and children and expectations for following the same path as the great dramatic axis of the function.

Well, it’s actually a plot that is explored twice, which leads to some repetition throughout the film, which takes away from its emotional scope. To this we must add that the film is a bit obvious in that facet, perhaps missing the presence of a great villain of the show. At Disney they have been trying to show for some time that they are not as essential as before, but It is a movement that does not always work out equally well.

Having said this, it is true that the script of Qui Nguyen, also co-director of the film, knows how to satisfactorily close the plot that serves as the great common thread of ‘Strange World’, and also that he draws an adventure with enough hook so that one never gets bored, but even then it The magic that many Disney productions do have is missing. Instead, you have to settle for lackluster solvency, not so much because you have to reach out to the whole family as that even taking that into account it seems that you are content to move on familiar and comfortable ground.

Plenty of imagination in the visual

strange world disney

All this is more evident when we look at the visual display proposed by ‘Mundo extraño’, since there is plenty of imagination when it comes to presenting the Land of Avalonia. And on top of that, it does so by following rules that may not be obvious at first, but which gain meaning as all the intricacies of the story come to light.

It is on stage where this great virtue of ‘Strange World’ is most noticeable, but pay attention to the success of that curious blue creature that very successfully fills the role of comic secondary with which to make the viewer laugh. In fact, generally it’s the human characters that are less interesting -and it’s not because the animation is less detailed with them-, partly because the pacing suffers when the film focuses more on them instead of unleashing their more adventurous side.

In its favor it also has a soundtrack of henry jackman that supports very well both when the adventure comes to the fore and when you want to have a greater impact on its emotional side. It’s not that it’s a memorable composition, but it is a key element so that ‘Strange World’ could have become that great film that it ultimately isn’t.

In short

Alien World Disney Movie

‘Strange World’ had everything to be an unforgettable film for the whole family and It ends up being an entertaining proposal but somewhat disappointing, since the animation is excellent but the script, being generous, does not go beyond what is merely correct. All in all, recommended if you want to have a good time.

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‘Strange world’: the new Disney is an entertaining science fiction family adventure, with brilliant animation but the script falls short

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