The 5 must-see Disney films to see with the family for Christmas

Christmas is a bit like the perfect opportunity to fall back into childhood. So you have every reason to revisit the great Disney classics during the holidays. But Mickey’s house served us several masterpieces, so we have to make choices. For Christmas, we present to you the five must-see Disney films. Take out the plaid, we guarantee you a good time.

1) The Lion King

Obviously, we couldn’t present you a ranking of Disney must-haves without The Lion King. This animated movie that brought generations and generations to tears is ideal if you want to remind yourself to take life as it comes. Hakuna Matata

Is there any need to recall the synopsis of Lion King ? In the kingdom of animals, lions are kings and Simba is a reckless young prince who has only one desire: to already be king. But when his evil uncle pushes him into exile, he forgets his roots…until they come to him. It only remains for him to find his place in the circle of life. The Lion King, it is the animated film par excellence. To see again or to make discover to the new generations from now on. Bonus: the sequel is just as great.

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2) Toy Story

Well, we may be cheating a little bit with this one since it is a Pixar film, even if it was co-produced by Disney studios. It counts, right? Visually, Toy Story was ahead of its peers. With a fast-paced and moving plot and endearing characters, this animated film has a special place in our hearts.

What happens when we leave our toys unattended? Here is the plot, very crude, admittedly, of Toy Story. While the toys are pouring in, Christmas obliges, seeing this marvel again is the good idea of ​​the day. In addition, there are four opuses to devour.

3) Frozen

9 years ago, Disney created the event with the release of Snow Queen. The Disney Christmas of 2013 was able to convince since it chained the records… And squarely interfered in our skull with the famous “Freed, freed”. Despite a song heard too many times, the adventures of Elsa and Anna have something to melt our heart of ice. With the snowman Olaf, Snow Queen is a classic to redo for Christmas.

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4) Aladdin

Make way for Prince AliAladdin is another Disney classic. With unforgettable songs, a totally crazy genius, a beautiful love story and striking humour, the 31st “animated classic” from Disney studios did not steal its place in this selection. If you want to take full eyes, Aladdin just waiting for you. A little magic carpet ride, anyone?

5) Mulan

If you want to watch the Disney movie with the most badassyou can run Mulan without waiting. Direction China when the young Mulan shows boundless courage to save her country, even if the girls are then not accepted in combat. Cult among Disney classics, it’s always time to rewatch Mulan.

Bonus: Avalanoia, the strange journey

We weren’t going to end this selection without talking to you aboutAvalonia, the strange journey, the latest film from the Disney stables. Available on the Disney+ streaming platform since Friday, this new feature film takes us on an adventure. If it is much less tasty than other projects that the studios have been able to offer us lately, it has the merit of making us have a good time. Alone or with family, young or old, Avalonia, the strange journey looks on with great pleasure.

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The 5 must-see Disney films to see with the family for Christmas

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