The 5 short films nominated for Best Animated Short at the Goya 2023

We present to you which are the five animated short films that will aspire to win a Goya 2023 in the 37th edition of the awards.

animation short films goya 2023
fragment of spring always comes backproduction among the animated short films nominated for the Goya 2023

On February 11, the great festival of Spanish cinema will be held in Seville and there are many productions nominated for the different awards. Among the best shorts animation of the Goya 2023, the following five nominees are counted: The longest night dawns, tied up, the first thing, spring always comes back Y Loop.

the longest night dawns

The 5 short films nominated for Best Animated Short at
Poster of The longest night dawns

This 2D animated short film has a pictorial aesthetic and is directed by Carlos F. De Vigo and Lorena Ares. Like every year, the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse meet to review to analyze the state of humanity and discuss their strategies for the future. But a weak and dying death receives his companions with the intention of convincing them to torture humans less, but Hunger, Plague and War dream of a humanity trapped in a world with no escape.

Trailer for The longest night dawns

tied up

animation short films goya 2023
Poster tied up

After the success of Robert (2020), Carmen Córdoba has surprised us this year with tied up. It is a very different bet from its predecessor and the clearest proof of this is that it is in 2D. It is worth noting an unusual color palette and a powerful aesthetic seduction. In this short Mother and Daughter are bound for life by an eternal bond that heals and hurts, and that is perpetuated when Daughter becomes Mother.

the cousin thing

animation short films goya 2023
Poster the first thing

Risky and different. These are the characteristics and probably best define this animated short. La prima cosa gives great importance to music and tells of the friendship between Kookoo Rikoo, the only Israeli Orthodox Christian Arab clown, and a Syrian girl who survived the war.

Trailer for the first thing

spring always comes back

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Poster of spring always comes back

Spring Always Comes Back is the debut as a filmmaker by Alicia Núñez Puerto. In this short it is spring and Grandma Margara teaches her four grandchildren to plant in small pots. Three of them decide to fly away from the family pen and go out to discover the world. The years go by, the grandmother ages, and those who left are present in her way… but never as those who stayed. And it is that distance does not always bring a return, people may or may not return, but spring, yes, always returns.

Trailer spring always comes back


animation short films goya 2023
Poster Loop

Loop is another good example of alternative cinema. It portrays a society in which each human being repeats the same action over and over again, until a couple decides to break the rules and do something different.

Trailer Loop

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The 5 short films nominated for Best Animated Short at the Goya 2023

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