The 7 Netflix premieres this weekend (November 11-13, 2022) and an essential animated film

Netflix falls into the usual mistake: very inconspicuous premieres, in the middle of the arrival of Netflix with ads

Netflix try your luck this weekend with little-known premieresand among which only stands out daddy’s dragon (an essential animated film for the smallest of the house) and Zac Efron: Down to eartha tour around the world by the hand of this actor and Darin Olien, health and wellness expert. Still, the situation this weekend is not rosy.

daddy’s dragon

Nora TwomeyIrish filmmaker and head of The Bread of War, The Secret of the Book of Kells either Anam An Amhrainpremieres in Netflix his new animated film, away from any stereotype you’ve seen in Disney either dreamworks in recent years. Criticism is clear SlashFilm ensures that it is “an honest and serious children’s film, the kind of story that the big studios no longer make“.

Zac Efron Season 2: Down to Earth

The actor Zack Efron visit many countries together Darin Oliena health and wellness expert, on a travel show that seeks healthy and sustainable ways to live. Season 2 is now coming to Netflixwith more stories that deserve to be told.

Am I black enough for you!?

In the 1970s, the film industry starred in what is known as the black revolution: many genre films were produced, as many social realism films, and the first black Hollywood superstars emerged. How was this explosion with which the industry combated the still present racism?

Monica, O My Darling

India, from time to time, gives us quite interesting movies that are far from the clichés of the Bollywood industry.. In this case, Monica, O My Darling it’s a dramatic comedy in which we follow the story of a roboticist who becomes involved in an assassination plot when his affair with a woman takes an unexpected turn. But nothing, not even death, is what it seems.

The capture of the murderous nurse

a documentary true crime revealing how researchers demonstrated that the ICU nurse, Charles Culler, was killing patients. Yes Monster: Dahmer’s Story had a documentary a week later, now it’s the same with The angel of Deathan interesting film starring Jessica Chastain Y Eddie Redmayne and based on this case.

The Capture of the Killer Nurse, a documentary related to The Angel of Death

The apocalypses of the past

A documentary in which Graham Hancocka well-known British journalist, travels around the world looking for evidence of the existence of lost civilizations dating back to the last Ice Age. A perfect series for lovers of the supernatural, and for those who want to dig deeper into our less recent history.


It is true that Turkish production usually works very well in our country, and in other markets such as Latin America. But I have a feeling that stay is not going to stand out at all, bringing us another commitment to drama and romance in the form of a film, and with a cast that is not so well known (nor Burak Denizneither Dilan Cicek Deniz attract the public like other soap opera performers).

All about God of War Ragnarok

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The 7 Netflix premieres this weekend (November 11-13, 2022) and an essential animated film

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