The 9 Best Animated Movies of 2022

In the absence of seeing ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’, we have had a quite mixed year in terms of animation film: from productions from large studios to smaller ones, 3D animation, stop motionanime, sequels big franchisesmovie premieres and platforms… a bit of everything.

Although we have had nice proposals that in the end were left a bit half throttle, such as ‘Strange world’, ‘The sea monster’ either ‘Wendell & Wild’let’s talk about the most outstanding animated films released throughout 2022.


New Pixar movie and probably the best it has released in recent years. Fun and profound at the same time, it talks about the relationship between mothers and daughters and the passage to maturity represented in that adorable red panda.

‘The Bad Guys’

Best Animation Bad Guys

DreamWorks opted this year for a more casual and adventurous proposal in this sort of parody of the robbery genre, in which shines above all a fantastic and careful animation that makes us forget its terrible dubbing in Spanish.


Best Animation Belle

We risk saying that Mamoru Hosoda had never reached these levels of spectacularity. The first minutes of the film are a real joy to watch and its script stands out when it delves into the purely emotional realm.


Best Lightyear Animation

Absurd controversies aside, Pixar crashed at the box office with this space adventure that, without being ‘Toy Story’ nor pretend to be, brought us another Buzz Lightyear to the rescue. This time in the company of a new team and the robotic cat Socks (best animated character of the year, without a doubt) in a plot that is not original but manages to excite.

‘Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro’

Best Pinocchio Animation

If we talk about emotion, we cannot forget the latest version of ‘Pinocchio’. Del Toro managed to get us to put aside our fed up with the revisions of classic stories to overwhelm us with this stop-motion adaptation, able to recognize you and break your heart at the same time.

‘Unicorn Wars’

Best Unicorn Wars Animation

If there is any story that has made our stomachs shrink this year, that is ‘Unicorn Wars’, one of the best spanish films of the year. Never have care bears been as ruthless as those of this disturbing fable that brings us closer to the trenches and to the darkest corner of the human being.

‘Looking for the magical Doremi’

Best Animation Looking For The Magic Doremi

they will forgive me ‘One Piece Film Red’ Y ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’but the best film derived from an anime franchise in 2022 is this. An authentic love letter to ‘The magical Doremi’ that introduces us to three new protagonists with another story that, however, could not better represent the spirit of the original.


Best Animation Luck

Perhaps the film that looks the least visually but, even so, the set is much more satisfactory than expected. A promising start for Skydance Animation, with this nice story about a girl without luck and the imaginative world she ends up in following a black cat.

‘Minions: The Origin of Gru’

Best Animation Minions

We could not close this ranking without talking about highest grossing animated film of the year. Among the proposals that advocate more for entertainment, this has been the one that leaves the best taste in the mouth, largely due to its unpretentiousness and its effective slapstick gags starring these yellow minions.

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The 9 Best Animated Movies of 2022

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