The Amazing World of Gumball Predicted the Animation Industry’s Collapse

This year several twists happened in productions of A.D🇧🇷 cartoon Network and HBO Max When David Zaslav took command to Warner Bros. discovery🇧🇷

Zaslav and other executives began a reshuffling of different productions and sectors of the company. This caused the cancellation of several films and series. As well as the withdrawal of several cartoons from the catalog of HBO Max🇧🇷

In October, they announced that the Cartoon Network Studios will work together with the Warner Bros. Animation. Both companies aim to create a new generation of cartoons, as well as returning CN to its roots🇧🇷 Much of this was driven by spending cuts.

And it looks like the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball predicted this “collapse” in the animation industry at Warner Bros. More specifically, in the episode The Inquisitionfrom the sixth and final season of the series.

According to the international website SlashFilm🇧🇷 The Amazing World of Gumball has dealt with financial issues in a variety of ways. As in The moneywhere Gumball debated with his family on whether he should “sell out” to a Joyful Burger commercial to escape debt.

The lack of money didn’t just mess with the Watterson family, but also broke the fourth wall and the entire cartoon went through cuts to reduce spending. Colors were stripped, backgrounds erased, CGI scrapped, until the main characters were just sketches.

The cartoon only returned to normal when the Wattersons finally signed on for the TV commercial.

The Inquisition

Evil Overseer and Miss Simian in The Amazing World of Gumball (Play / Cartoon Network)

In The Inquisitionoriginally aired in June 2019, the Evil Superintendent, a live-action character, arrives in Elmore and begins threatening students and teachers at the school where Gumball and Darwin attend.

Evil is displeased with the animation of the characters as well as them constantly breaking the fourth wall. Under so much pressure, the various characters in the cartoon end up becoming flesh and blood.

In turn, Gumball and Darwin fight to get all of their friends back to being animations.🇧🇷 Until they discover that the Evil Overseer is actually a cartoon in disguise, Gumball’s nemesis, Rob.

Rob explains that he was trying to save everyone from Elmore by making them live-action, and thus prevent them from going to a place they will never remember again.🇧🇷 As if it were an omen of a cancellation of the cartoon.

movie cancellation

Rob in The Amazing World of Gumball

In early 2021, Cartoon Network announced a film of The Amazing World of Gumball, which got fans excited. Soon after the creation of Warner Bros. Discovery this year, the company decided to cancel the film.

And these weren’t the only cancellations made in the animation sector. OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes, Infinity Train, Batman: Caped Crusaders, Tuca & Bertieamong others, were canceled and even removed from the HBO Max catalog.

The episode also seems to have predicted the dominance of live-action. In October 2020, Tom Ascheim, president of Warner Bros. from Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics announced a plan to feature more live-action films under the Cartoon Network banner.

Other productions that used the same theme to explain that without money there is no animation and the fear of cancellation were Chowder and Teen Titans in Action🇧🇷

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The Amazing World of Gumball Predicted the Animation Industry’s Collapse

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