The Barcolana animated by the stands on the banks of Trieste. Gialuz: «We have returned to a more open and rich Village, as before the pandemic»

TRIESTE Environmental sustainability, innovation, promotion of the territory, but also food, music and, above all, entertainment. The Barcolana Village came alive yesterday (Wednesday) morning, amidst the curious gaze of the tourists and the joy of those people from Trieste who, perhaps, were waiting for nothing else.

After the inauguration of its central part last Saturday in piazza Unità, starting yesterday the Rive also came alive with a long line of stands and colored installations. More than two hundred exhibitors, thirty recycled containers and over one hundred techno-structures: more than a village, a real “Barcolana town”, including temporary stores, infopoints and spaces dedicated to crews, but also meeting points for an aperitif with friends.

«After two complex years – said the president of the Società Velica di Barcola and Grignano Mitja Gialuz yesterday morning at the Salone degli Incanti – we are returning to a layout of the Village that is more open and full of activities: it will be a pleasure to be able to meet all the sailors who are going up the Adriatic to take part in our party». A moment, therefore, dedicated to sharing one’s passion for the sea. Sea loved and, for this reason, to be protected: «We would like to overcome plastic. It is a goal we have for the next few years, to be achieved through a transitional process,” added Gialuz. A Barcolana, therefore, more sustainable, as evidenced by the numerous points for differentiated collection, arranged throughout the Village, but also technological and interactive stands with an eco-sustainability theme.

An example is the installation proposed by Coop: an emotional visit to the “Mediterranean 2072”, a sort of “aquarium of the future”, a representation of what could happen at the bottom of the sea in the next 50 years. And so, between old traditions and new challenges, the Barcolana Village opened its doors. A Village ready to satisfy all needs and to capture the curiosity of visitors. Among the protagonists, there is also the section dedicated to boating, including accessories and technical clothing. But also books and culture.

Finally, the delights of food and wine. They range from seafood to grilled meat, from typical desserts to international specialities, from local wines to refreshing beer. Then, the typical Trieste-style buffet, offered by Baraba of the Bee Company, where Giovanni Romich and Federico Treu wish each other a «wonderful Barcolana, perhaps kissed by good weather, which makes you want to eat!» And perhaps also to take advantage of these delicacies, at midday Piazza Unità and the Rive were already full of onlookers. “It’s so nice to see the city fill with people and music,” exclaims Patrizia Cuschie, with her friends lining up for a plate of grilled meat. Or, again, colleagues Monica, Fabio and Giorgio, who take advantage of the lunch break to sneak a peek at the new products of the year. «Trieste these days is more beautiful than ever, it is filled with joy and excitement», says Donatella Perrone, of the “InnBamboo” artisan yarn stand. «It is not easy to understand the Barcolana, you have to live it. It conveys a sense of freedom, of belonging to the territory, but also of sacrifice. It’s true: few win. But the party belongs to everyone.”

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The Barcolana animated by the stands on the banks of Trieste. Gialuz: «We have returned to a more open and rich Village, as before the pandemic»

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