The Camel and the Miller: The review

The Camel and the Miller The review


- Release date : 09/21/2022
- Original title : The Camel and the Miller
- Film length: 59 minutes
- Director: Abdollah Alimorad
- Screenwriter: Abdollah Alimorad


The Camel and the Miller is a marvelous anthology of three stop-motion animated shorts by Abdollah Alimorad.

The first segment focuses on the unlikely encounter between a farmer and an alien robot that crash lands in his field. The second part revolves around two birds living in the wild. The final short is about a miller and his camel, which gives the film its title.

The animation is really beautiful. Immense care has been taken with the sets and accessories. As for the puppets, they are diverse and of very good quality. Because it lasts 50 minutes, the work is aimed at a young audience. Nevertheless, all lovers of animation and beautiful films should take great pleasure in discovering these funny and poetic works which deal with varied and sometimes dark subjects.

Indeed, it is easy to become attached to the characters and to want to discover what will happen to them. Moreover, the themes are much deeper than the summary may let appear. Thus, between friendship, ecology, and family, it is also a portrait of our current world that is drawn.

Since the segments are very different from each other, everyone can easily find the one that speaks to them the most. However, it is extremely easy to find yourself caught up in the heart of these pleasant adventures which make for a very good time.

The quality of the animation is also very high. The few computer-worked elements sometimes contrast a little with the general rendering, but there is such quality stop motion that you quickly forget the few imperfections that appear.

And above all, we can appreciate all the more the credits of the first film, as it also serves as a making of and allows us to understand the meticulous and impressive work that has been done on it.

So don’t hesitate to take children, even young ones, to see this programme. Not to mention that if the films are silent, there is no problem understanding what the different characters mean, whether they are human or not. Given the intrinsic quality of the short films, adult audiences will also find something to enjoy watching these funny, tender and moving stories.

The Camel and the Miller is a superb anthology of short films which are each more exciting to discover than the other. diverse stories are mixed with beautiful reflections on life, relationships with others, the environment and nature. Beautiful animation, well-defined characters and stories that can be enjoyed regardless of age, make the program a great success that amuses, delights and moves.

Friendly and generous.

The Camel and the Miller The review


Should we sacrifice our friend the machine in the name of profit? Should we adapt to pollution even if it means deteriorating, or should we look for other paths? Or should we tame progress for the best of man? The Camel and the Miller, The White Birds and the Robot and the Farmer, three poetic fables that lead young and old to reflect on the relationship to progress.

A poetic and ecological triptych produced by the KANOON Institute (Iran)

Program of 3 short films:

- The Robot and the Farmer (Restaur)
- The White Birds (Restaur)
- The Camel and the Miller (2022 – 15 minutes)



- Producer: Kanoon Institute
- Distributer : The Whippet Movies




The Camel and the Miller

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The Camel and the Miller: The review

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