‘The Cuphead series!’ remains one of Netflix’s best animated titles: Season 2 pushes its humor to the max with even more video game references

August has come loaded with animation premieres on netflix, and with a lot of video game flavor. ‘DOTA: Dragon Blood‘ has released its third season, ‘Tekken: Bloodline‘ has given us a very good adaptation of the games… and in the midst of all this epic action the second season of ‘The Cuphead Series!

The first part of the series already served to masterfully adapt the video game of Studio MDHRand with a very fine thread the second serves to continue certain plots while showing us new adventures in the Inkwell Islands.

Of pirates, ghosts and squatter rats

This second season of ‘The Cuphead series!‘ Picks up pretty much where the previous one left off. Though Ms Chalice be lovely has only brought trouble for cuphead and mugmanwho ended up in jail while she got away scot-free.

The first episode deals squarely with our two favorite mugs coming to terms with their new lives, though we have to sneak in the little spoiler that we are not going to have an animated ‘Orange is the New Black’ and things are quickly resolved so they can get out of prison and get back to their everyday adventures.

Still, the series does a good job of balancing the continuing plot chapters with the loose stories. The devil he still wants to take revenge on Cuphead and take his soul however he can, even if he has to free all the demons of the underworld to achieve it… and the truth is that There comes a time when you can’t help but empathize with the King of Hell when nothing in life goes right for him.

The Cuphead Series

Not only do we continue with the plot of the souls to be collected, we are also discovering more about Ms. Chalice and Elder KettleAbove all, we are presented with more self-contained adventures with new characters from a climbing musician to a romantic pirate in love with a fearsome sea monster.

The great success of the Netflix series has continued to have been to make it accessible to all audiences rather than a series for adults, with a fun tone but that doesn’t back down when it comes to including murky moments and even with a little bit of terror.

The humor has also become much more Kaffir, often carrying the slapstick to an even dumber point and that makes ‘The Cuphead Series!’ a hilarious series to laugh out loud.

Cala Maria In The Cuphead Series

The level of animation has also been beautifully maintained, combining CGI animation on the sets with 2D animation on the characters. Right now ‘The Cuphead series!’ It is one of the most beautiful and powerful animated series on Netflix.and make you want other series on the platform like ‘The Deadlock: A Paranormal Park‘ could benefit from such a finish.

Yes, the second season is certainly “more of the same”, but the first episodes of the series were excellent and showed that the formula works and that it does not need to be changed. Some specific chapters are a little longer than the average of 15 minutes, but they are still just as entertaining and light and leave you with a smile on your face.

It is already known that Netflix has ordered for now a total of 36 chapters for ‘The Cuphead series!’so we still have at least one more season of the series ahead of us to solve the cliffhanger very fat with which the last episode leaves us. It remains to be confirmed when the remaining chapters will be released, but if the quality remains as it has been so far, they will be a real joy.

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‘The Cuphead series!’ remains one of Netflix’s best animated titles: Season 2 pushes its humor to the max with even more video game references

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