The first open-air theme park “Land of Smesharikov” will open in Russia

The first park based on the popular animated series Smeshariki will appear in Russia. The Skazka amusement park and the Riki group of companies (the owner of the Smeshariki brand) announced the joint launch of a unique project.

In April 2022, in Moscow on an area of ​​more than 3,000 sq.m. inside the Skazka amusement park in Krylatskoye, a whole world will come to life that children previously had the opportunity to see only on screens – the Smeshariki Land park.

“Until now, nothing like this has been created in Russia,” commented Andrei Kunov, general director of the Skazka amusement park. – We have transferred the cartoon to reality and now every child will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of their favorite story: to communicate with the characters live and visit them. Fans of the animated series will be able to find themselves in the real Romashkova Valley, where the most friendly company of the main characters lives, and look into the houses of each of them – Krosh, Hedgehog, Sovunya, Nyusha, Barash, Pina, Kar-Karych, Losyash and Kopatych.

A huge amount of entertainment is planned in the park: a train ride for children, interactive houses of Smeshariki, a stage for festive events and thematic performances, trampolines, labyrinths, a separate house for celebrating birthdays. The new playground will be interesting for children of all ages and will give unforgettable emotions.

“The universe of Smeshariki expands and goes beyond the screen. Over the course of a year, we developed the locations of the park together with the artists and creators of the series, who more than 18 years ago came up with the characters, Camomile Valley and their visual images. It was important for us to achieve maximum similarity, so that every visitor to the park feels that he really was in the cartoon. We are glad that children, and many adults as well, will finally be able to fulfill their dream of visiting their favorite heroes,” says Mark Zavadsky, Managing Director of the Riki group of companies.


“Smeshariki” – an animated series for the whole family, on which several generations of children grew up. The first series of “Smeshariki” was aired in 2003. Smesharikov’s images, unlike anyone else, having no analogues either in Russian or in world animation, have remained incredibly popular for 18 years. Over the years, the studio “Petersburg” has produced more than 600 series about the adventures of round characters, including thematic “ABC with Smeshariki”, as well as three feature films. The series has been translated into 23 languages ​​and is broadcast in 94 countries.

Riki group of companies is one of the leaders of the Russian animation market. The company’s portfolio includes children’s media projects for a wide audience, including such well-known animation brands as Smeshariki, Fixiki, Malyshariki, Tim and Tom, Bodo Borodo, DinoCity, Fixiki, PinKod “, etc. Today, the Riki Group of Companies includes two animation studios – Petersburg and Aeroplan. Ricky’s animated series has been translated into 30 languages, the rights have been sold to over 167 countries, and the total number of views on YouTube and VOD platforms worldwide exceeds 40 billion.

Amusement Park “Skazka” is the only open-air amusement park in Moscow that includes more than 50 leisure options for any age and season, including children’s, family, extreme and virtual attractions, interactive locations and theme parks.

The press service of the Riki Group of Companies reports

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The first open-air theme park “Land of Smesharikov” will open in Russia

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