The five animations in which Queen Elizabeth II participated

Today, Thursday, September 8, social networks were invaded with images of the famous monarch, the Queen isabel IIpassed away at the age of 96 after doing a great job reigning the United Kingdom for more than 70 years.

This event shocked netizens so much that it would quickly be filled with her best photographs to remember her as the great woman she was and above all, the effort she made during the time she was in office, on the other hand, apart from having been a great monarch, was quite a celebrity.

Well Elizabeth Alexandra Mary It has been mentioned in several movies, it has had some appearances in animated projects, being completely iconic, that is why today we will talk about the top 5 animated series in which it participated.


The controversial satire series has been strongly criticized for the way it addresses certain situations, as well as the way some characters are presented, Queen Elizabeth II appeared in one of its episodes and caused a lot of controversy for the actions she carried out in whose series .

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Since the life of the monarch ends once she decides to put an end to it, the episode was broadcast on television in the United States in 2007.


This comedy is also classified as a social satire, having more than 33 seasons and 728 episodes, the deceased British had a total of three appearances, the first time it was in the episode entitled “The Regina Monologues“.

The second time, it would be in season seven, in the chapter called “The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular“, finally, we will go back to season 21 “To Surveil With Love“.

Queen Elizabeth II and the 5 animations in which she participated| South Park

3.- CORGI.

The British and her cute corgi puppies became cartoons on the big screen in the movie that is under the name of the pet breed, since the queen was a faithful lover of this type of quadrupeds, it was released in the year 2019.


In 2015, the film starring the entities that radiate the most tenderness on the big screen is released, that is The Minions, in his film only Queen Elizabeth II appears when she was young giving the blessing to one of them.

5.- The amazing world of Gumball.

Another of the animated series with great affection from the public is “The incredible world of Gumball”, broadcast by Cartoon Network, making a brief appearance in one of its episodes.

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The five animations in which Queen Elizabeth II participated

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