The Last of Us Part 1: Redesigned animations and zero crunch

From the world of social media comes news directly from the team behind the umpteenth rebirth of The Last of Us Part 1 which, while not offering us new details on the gameplay, tell us something more in relation to the work environment, essential to allow artists and programmers to express themselves at their best, and to the animation sector, totally redesigned to offer even more realistic movements.

No cruch for The Last of Us Part 1, and it surprised Anthony Vaccaro:

Anthony he is environment artist at Naughty Dogand says he is amazed by this fact, which he defines as unique in his experience in the sector: “This is the first time this has happened in my thirteen year career in various studios, it is truly the first time I haven’t had to crunch to complete game development.” The developer calls this one “nice feeling” but specifies: “There is still work to be done to make this work environment even healthier”.

Speaking of other things, but staying on the subject The Last of Us Part 1the lead animator Michal Mach revealed how the game’s animations have all been redesigned from scratch using the technology already employed with TLOU 2news shared to accompany the enthusiasm of fans after the announcement of the title’s entry into the gold phase.

In commenting on the tweet of Macha concept artists of the game highlighted how the so-called motion matching technology will be included, one of the technologies that most made the second chapter of the saga shine from the point of view of animations, moreover the lighting will be totally managed in real time, with obvious positive repercussions on the visual impact of the title.

these are just crumbs compared to all the information that Naughty Dog announced that he will share soon writing “We can’t wait to show more of the gameplay, technology and other aspects of the game in the weeks leading up to launch.”. This has led many to infer that one will likely be held soon State of Play just dedicated to the remake of The Last of Us Part 1.

This remake once more confirms the interest of Sony to expand the gaming ecosystem PlayStation even to the rich PC panorama, in fact the expected The Last of Us Part 1 will arrive next September 2nd on PlayStation 5 but also on Windows PC – So if you find the launch of this game on Sony console for the third time futile, at least appreciate the first launch on PC that will allow many gamers to get to know the saga.

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The Last of Us Part 1: Redesigned animations and zero crunch

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