The Last of Us Part I: Naughty Dog analyzes changes to combat, animations, audio and graphics |

On the pages of the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog analyzed changes to several features on The Last of Us Part Ia new remake of the title originally released for PlayStation 3, and which will arrive on PlayStation 5 the 2 September (our review will arrive soon).

Specifically, changes to combat, animations, audio and graphics.

Shaun Escaygin charge of the animations of the original’s films and now creative director, explains:

“For me, it’s the sum of the improvements that make it a remake and not a remaster. It wasn’t just a matter of importing the same characters, the same environments, the same art direction and so on on better hardware. We have reviewed every aspect: the artistic direction, the lighting and the respective technical aspects. Even the character design. And we applied the experience accumulated over ten years to the original, relying on new technologies to create a result that would update it without distorting it in any way “.

The chief programmer John Bellomyexplains about the fighting:

“Many of the changes made to the combat system have involved elements that [nell’originale] they had been put together in an inelegant way. Some sequences followed a predefined script, with an extremely precise development. “

As an example, Bellomy mentions enemies in the search or encirclement phase. Due to the technical limitations of PS3, in those cases the AI ​​could not analyze the environment and react accordingly.

“In approaching The Last of Us Part I, we wanted to make those combat sequences more realistic by taking advantage of our AI engine and the tools available”

Neil Uchitelaudio director points out that:

“On PS4, the 3D audio was pretty limited. For PS5, Sony has created the Tempest Engine, an engine capable of taking any audio source coming from a game and giving it a much more pronounced sense of spatialization through the application of sophisticated technical gimmicks. The result is a greater sensation of movement within the world and a more accurate verticality. If something is about to hit you from above, you hear the sound coming from that direction, and so on ”.

The artistic director Erick Pangilinan reiterates on the animations, taking as an example Ellie’s tear ducts that swell when she accuses Joel of having abandoned her by Tommy, or the redness of her skin in moments of maximum emotion:

“These animation improvements reinforce the scene. Because they increase the fidelity of expressions. And in this way, they make gestures more measured, therefore more natural ”.

And he adds:

“Other important advances have allowed us to increase the polygonal weight of characters and environments. By being able to add detail to distant environments, such as mountains or buildings, as well as to nearby objects, we were able to convey an amplified sense of depth. Using the PS3 GPU, this was not possible ”.

Below you can see the video published by PlayStation on the innovations introduced in The Last of Us Part I.

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The Last of Us Part I: Naughty Dog analyzes changes to combat, animations, audio and graphics |

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