The-List of the most famous animated grandparents in entertainment

Grandparents are an essential part of the family. Not only for their knowledge and life stories, but also for the love and life advice they give to their children and even their grandchildren.

Not all are positive lessons. As in the real world, we see that there are all kinds of people, from those who are protective to those who become cynical and stand out for their selfishness, although they do not stop loving their loved ones in times of crisis.

We share below The list of the animated grandparents that we have in our minds and hearts for the Grandparent’s Day.

The list of the most remembered animated grandparents



One of the most popular television series in the 1990s was dinosaurswhich presented the daily life of a dinosaur family who faced different situations according to his age, from the complicated work life, bullying and family issues.

within the clan of Sinclair There was Grandma Ethyl, who didn’t appear in every episode but whose appearances became iconic because she berated Earl Sinclair for things he didn’t do well.

Ethyl Phillips was the grandmother in the Sinclair family of dinosaurs. Photo: Special



the grandmother of Hey Arnold It is someone inevitable in a list of the grandparents of television, since it was characterized by its dispersions, but also by its energy for adventures and its personality that took it to unimaginable adventures.

Also known as “Cookie,” the 81-year-old grandmother and her husband, Grandpa Phil, are in Arnold’s care following the departure of his parents. The role that she has with her grandson is like that of a guru, since she shares elements of her philosophy of life with him.


Son Gohan

The ’90s generation grew up watching Channel 5 dragon ball and its continuations. That is why more than one tear was shed when they saw the return of Son-Gohan, whom Goku called “grandfather”.

The Sayayin came to Earth as a baby. In the middle of the road, Son-Gohan found the little boy and raised him as his own. However, he was killed by Goku when he transformed into a giant ape.

It was in a fight that he reappeared masked and fought against the small turned into the great ape. When he took off his mask, he left us with one of the most moving scenes in anime.



The grandpa rick he is a genius, but his inventions not only endanger his grandson mortybut his entire family to the degree that they can collapse the world, the universe and other realities.

Although we see how the scientist likes to see the results of his experiments, on critical occasions we also find how he cares about his family to the degree that he is able to sacrifice himself for them, although not on many occasions.


Mama Coco

In 2017, amid accusations of cultural appropriation, Disney and Pixar released the film Coconutwhich revolved around the day of the dead and in which the family’s grandmother, Mama Coco, was in her last days.

Sitting in a wheelchair, the grandmother slowly lost her memory, although deep down she remembered her father, who left her when she was little to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician.

Her grandson Miguel he wants to be a musician and his family won’t let him, but on his journey to the world of the dead he meets his ancestors and allows his grandmother Coconut last listen to the song Remember me.

The-List of the most famous animated grandparents in entertainment - mama_coco_abuelitos_
Mama Coco is one of the grannies most remembered by young people. Photo: Special


Granny (Looney Tones)

Emma Webster is the real name of the Granny who took care of Sylvester and Tweetythe two archenemies who lived under the same roof but were cared for by the same person.

Although at first he only took care of the canary, as the chapters of this animated story progressed, he took care of the cute kitten and even a bulldog.

It is about a woman with a good heart and who cares too much for the little yellow bird. Although she initially maintained archetypes related to her age, in more recent stories we also see that she has different occupations.


Abraham Simpson

Homer’s dad is another of the essential characters on any list of TV grandparents, since he is not only part of one of the longest-running and most influential cartoon series on the small screen, but he is loved by fans.

Abraham Simpson is 83 years old and the grandfather of Bart, Lisa and Maggie, with whom he has shared different experiences. He was part of the US Army in different war conflicts, including the First World Warbeside Montgomery Burns.

Just like Homer had his parenting problems, he was a single father. However, with his grandchildren he tries to be closer to Homer and Marge.


Tobias Hesse

How many don’t have a hit of nostalgia when listening to “Grandpa, tell me. What sounds do I hear? Well, then you may remember that Heidi’s grandfather is named Tobias Hessen.

This character by Johanna Spyri in 1880 represented a bitter, lonely and dry man who, although he had a promising future due to his parents’ inheritance, lost everything.

Once the Japanese culture made its adaptation, it kept some characteristics, but it also showed that despite the seriousness it represented, it had a good heart to show the world to its granddaughter.

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The-List of the most famous animated grandparents in entertainment

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