The Mexican Alan Ituriel publishes two other books that complement his universe of Villains

The animated series villains has become a success in Latin America, it was created by Alan Ituriel in co-production with Ai Animation Y Cartoon Network Latin Americaand debuted in 2017 with 10 animated shorts through Youtube Y Cartoon Network; for the following year, a new series of 12 chapters was released, titled “Black Hat Organization: Villain Orientation Videos”; soon after came “Villainous: The Dreadful Dawn” and in 2021 the first season was included in the catalog of HBO Max.

A Ituriel he likes his viewers to identify with his characters and to want to know the mystery of the master blackhat and his organization, for which he dared to venture into the publishing world with two books that further extend the television saga.

“Something that we had in the pipeline that I wanted to explain now, was how the inventions of flugFor example, him Evil Materializing Raybut who knows how it worked and I wanted to tell you that it was like a kind of science and that’s it, but like almost everything in villains It’s got a little bit of the supernatural stuffed in there, so here’s the H3Xa curse and a very important element in the story, which explains the reason for the strangest and most magical things in the series”, explained Ituriel.

The creator introduced “Dr. Flug’s Research Log: Dem’s Diary!” Y “Activity Book, and Coloring Book for Villains by 505″ before a forum full of fans of the animated series. With puppet in hand, the creator of villains He was enthusiastic about the passage to the printed world of his creations.


Between applause and shouts, the creator received gifts, letters and drawings, something that precedes his two previous publications.

“The book was in itself a challenge because going to the audiovisual, which is the show of villains to what a book is, so it was now learning editorial things like the part of telling stories in a written way. Books can give you much more, to the imagination, it was a challenge to learn to tell it in a literary way and link it well with the show as Dr. Flug’s Log either dem’s diary”, assured Ituriel during your presentation.


The author of “Dr. Flug’s Research Log: Dem’s Diary!” He also shared his taste for code language, and assured that he feels highly identified with the character of dembecause, like him, he likes to see the periphery, rescue the positive and enjoy, but that, in the end, he himself would define himself as a mixture of the personalities of flug Y dem.

The four books of the villains saga They are recommended for an audience older than seven years.

“Flug’s Log” Y “Dem’s Diary” tell everything that has happened in the series “Black Hat Organization” to this day, seen from the perspective of its protagonists, with the humor that characterizes them and full of mysteries and secrets.

On these pages, readers will find unpublished material and activities to have a great time. It is thus an opportunity for the little ones and not so much to live up close the misadventures of Dr Flug, Dementia Y 5.0.0., two villains and a cute creature working for the big boss, blackhatthe most evil villain in existence and who leads the organization that helps villains with their villain problems.


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The Mexican Alan Ituriel publishes two other books that complement his universe of Villains

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