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We tell you everything about the animated feature film “The Sea Monster”, shot by a big name in animation cinema and dubbed by a key actor from the series “The Boys”.

The Sea Monster : What is it about ?

The plot of the movie The Sea Monster takes place in a remote era in which terrifying creatures inhabit the oceans. In response, the profession of monster hunter has become widely democratized. The best of them are now considered true heroes. Among the latter, one man stands out: the famous Jacob Holland – spiritual son of the renowned Captain Hook -, a big fellow adored by all. As the latter prepares to set off on an adventure once again, a surprise comes to him. A surprise that bears the name of Maisie Brumble, a young girl who boards the famous ship that is the Inevitable. Jacob and Maisie are quick to embark on a perilous adventure, of those who will make them a legend.

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At the head of the project, Chris Williams, a big name in animation. He notably wrote and directed Volt, star in spite of himself. The artist participates in the development of numerous projects, Mulan at Raya and the Last Dragon. He is also working on creating the plot of Moana and lends his voice to Oaken in Snow Queen. For the little story, this Oscar winner left the Disney stable in 2018.

Re The Sea Monster, Chris Williams explains that the idea came to him from an unorthodox passion. Thus, when he was a child, he wanted a true adoration to old sea charts. The artist felt “irresistibly attracted” by these and finally decided to build a feature film around this motif! The filmmaker then immersed himself in this new project, before present it to the famous red logo platform. The idea was very popular with Netflix, which quickly positioned itself on the film.

The Sea Monster : great voices

Chris Williams signs the screenplay for the feature film with Owen Chietsu Sullivan and nell benjamin (Mean Girls – The Musical). At the level of the original dubbing, there are several very famous voices ! Thereby, Karl Urban (The Lord of the Rings, The Boys) lends his to the famous Jacob. Zaris-Angel Hator (Black Earth Rising) embodies the young and mischievous Maisie. Jared Harrisone of the stars of the series Chernobylplays the role of Captain Hook. Jim Carter (Downton Abbey), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (FBI: Missing) or Dan Stevens (Gaslit) complete the cast of the adventure film.

Asked about his character and the feature film, Karl Urban confides with a certain enthusiasm. Indeed, he explains that his favorite theme of the film is that of the family. According to him, the crew members do form one, because everyone can count on each other. Her character has also lost all her loved ones to a sea monster, while Maisie is an orphan. Precisely, the New Zealand comedian believes that the project shows that a family can take many different forms. A touching message that shows that The Sea Monster should be a mix of adventure and feelings!

You can dive into the mysterious waters of the feature film from July 8, exclusively on Netflix !

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The Monster of the Seas: what is this new animated film from the director of “Volt, star in spite of him”? – CineSeries

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