The most anticipated animated films in 2023

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba -Road to Blacksmith Village-

The popular anime returns with its second film, which is once again animated by Ufotable, a studio that has given us some spectacular moments in terms of animation in what we’ve seen of ‘Demon Slayer’ so far. This film, unlike the first, will include the final two episodes of Season 2, the conclusion of the “Quartier des Plaisirs” arc, and the hour-long first episode of the new season, the “Blacksmiths’ Village” arc. .

Release date in Japan: February 3

Sasaki to Miyano Movie: Graduation Arc

This BL movie serves as a sequel to the anime ‘Sasaki to Miyano’, which aired in the winter 2022 season, both animated by Studio Deen. In this feature film, we will see how the beautiful relationship between the title characters, Sasaki and Miyano evolves. This film, unlike many other films in a series, continues the adaptation of the story told in the manga of the same name created by Shou Harusono.

Release date in Japan: February 17

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

The Black Clover animated series having ended almost two years ago, this film, also animated by the Pierrot studio, was and remains the only animated project of the saga in sight, which makes it one of the films of most anticipated animation of 2023. In this story, we’ll see how Asta and company have a run-in with a former Witch King, which will lead to a spectacular battle in terms of animation, especially when compared to the series.

World Premiere: March 31


The new film from acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai, is once again animated by CoMix Wave Films, who seem to have done a great job of giving us some gorgeous shots. In this story that combines the elements of a road movie with a post-apocalyptic setting, heavily influenced by the recent pandemic, we see Suzume and a mysterious man crossing Japan closing dangerous doors.

Release date in most European countries: April 12, 13 and 14.

Kimi-tachi wa dō ikiru ka


This is one of the most anticipated anime movies of 2023, as it is the next, and so far the last, movie from the famous Hayao Miyazaki, obviously animated by Studio Ghibli. Its title, although it is the same as that of a 1937 Japanese novel, does not mean that it is an adaptation of it. In fact, this is an original story by Miyazaki and, quite simply, this book is extremely important to the main character. All we know is that in this novel, a man and his uncle reflect on how we human beings live.

Release date in Japan: July 14

Kimi no Iro

As in the previous case, it is one of the most anticipated animated films of 2023, as it is supported by director Naoko Yamada (“A Silent Voice”), screenwriter Reiko Yoshida (“Violet Evergarden ”) and composer Kensuke Ushio (“Chainsaw Man”), as well as the animation of Science Saru. The story centers on a young girl who can perceive people’s feelings as colors. After a chance meeting with a girl with “beautiful colors” and a music-loving boy, the three form a group.

Release date in Japan: fall


This project will adapt, with 3DCGI animation by Sunrise Studios, Anima and Kamikaze Douga, the two-volume manga published by Akira Toriyama in 2000. This work takes us to a desert planet where a curious trio, composed of Beelzebub, his friend and of an old sheriff, embarks on a journey to find Ghost Lake and seek an alternative cure to the King’s expensive bottles. As you can see from the trailer unveiled at Jump Festa 23, the animation style is almost identical to that of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”.

Release date in Japan: 2023

Spy x Family the Movie

The first movie of one of the best anime of 2022 can be expected to be among the most anticipated movies of 2023, also considering that the manga author, Tatsuya Endodo, will be in charge of writing , designing the characters and overseeing this original anime story. As it was recently announced alongside the anime’s second season at Jump Festa 23, unfortunately we don’t know any plot details other than the fact that it won’t be adapting anything from the manga.

Release date in Japan: 2023

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The most anticipated animated films in 2023

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