The Russian film industry will be represented at the Indian film market Film Bazaar

Russian film, series and animation companies will present over 30 projects at the largest South Asian content market Film Bazaar in India.

From 20 to 24 November in India (Goa) will be the largest content market in South Asia Film Bazaar. For the Russian film industry, this is the first comprehensive participation under the Russian Content Worldwide umbrella brand in this market, which is returning to an offline format for the first time in the past two years. Ten Russian companies will be represented at the booth organized by ROSKINO: Central Partnership, Art Pictures Distribution, KION online cinema, Plus Studio, Bubble Studios, Gazprom-Media Entertainment Television (GPM RTV), Soyuzmultfilm, RIKI Group of Companies, Red Carpet Studio, Platoshka Animation Studio.

Among the new products that will be presented to content buyers from India and other countries of the South Asian region are the adventure thriller Thunder: A Difficult Childhood (a prequel to the film Major Grom: The Plague Doctor), the thriller Like a Man with Anton Lapenko, the historical drama Union of Salvation. Time of Wrath” with Maxim Matveev and Leonid Bichevin, full-length cartoons “Chink: Tailed Detective” (the world’s first animation project created on a game engine), and “Dolphin Boy”, the second season of the series “Vacation”, fantasy “Eterna: Part the first”, sci-fi thriller “Reversible Reality”, the fourth season of the animated series “Kids”, the animated series “Flowers”. These projects will be shown to international representatives at special market screenings organized by ROSKINO. More than twenty projects of different genres will be presented by the companies within the framework of the Russian Content Worldwide catalog and at individual meetings with content buyers.

Also, the Made in Moscow stand will be organized at the Film Bazaar market, where 14 Moscow companies developing in the field of creative industries will be presented. These are animation and film studios, content distributors, TV channels and enterprises working in the field of film translation and localization. The participation of enterprises is organized by the Moscow Export Center. The booth operator will be ROSKINO.

“The presence of Russian companies at such a significant event in the Asian content industry marks a new stage in the development of Russian-Asian relations in the film and animation industry. We are optimistic about the prospects of strengthening business dialogue with the Indian film industry, as well as representatives of other Asian countries, and are pleased to present a range of projects to the Film Bazaar market: family adventure films, fantasy and science fiction films, comedies, mystical thrillers, historical and sports dramas, series and animation. I also note that this week, from November 17 to 20, ROSKINO, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture, will organize the Russian Film Festival in Mumbai. Thus, at these two events, we comprehensively represent the Russian content industry to both a wide audience and a professional industrial audience,” says Inna Shalyto, General Director of ROSKINO.

Bubble Studios will show international buyers the new action adventure Thunder: A Difficult Childhood (a prequel to Major Grom: The Plague Doctor, released in 2021). The previous superhero film, a spectacular action movie about Major Igor Grom based on the original comic book of the same name, became a hit not only in Russia, but also among the international audience (topped the international Netflix top in July 2021). The company is also counting on the international success of the new release. According to Bubble Studios representatives, the company would like to implement this project in the large Indian market directly to the main players; prior to this, all content sales to the region were through global deals.

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Art Pictures Distribution is betting on a new family adventure film Chuck and Huck. The Big Adventure” with Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Yulia Snigir from director Alexander Kotta, who co-directed the films from the New Year’s series “Christmas Trees”, beloved by many Russian viewers. A comedy based on the work of the same name by Arkady Gaidar tells the story of two brothers Chuk and Gek, who live with their mother in Moscow and miss their father, who works far in the North. Deciding to meet the upcoming New Year together at all costs, they set off on an exciting journey to the mysterious Blue Mountains … As noted in the company, the films “Attraction” and “The Calculator” were previously sold to India, and the deal is currently being finalized on the fantastic thrillers “Reversible Reality”, “Satellite” and “Invasion”.

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Plus Studio, which is completely new to the Indian market in terms of content sales, expects to attract the attention of distributors to content dubbed into English, in particular the fantasy film Eterna: Part One, as well as universal stories that will be understandable to viewers from different countries: for example, the company will present the series “Unscrupulous” at Film Bazaar.

India’s online cinema KION is counting on the success of international buyers of the massive historical drama Union of Salvation. Time of Wrath”, a new family comedy “Ivan Semyonov-School Trouble!” and comedy drama Kidney. Union of Salvation. Time of Wrath is a story based on real events that tells about the Decembrist uprising of 1825.

Gazprom-Media Entertainment Television (GPM RTV) will present the second season of the TV series Vacation on TNT. At Film Bazaar, the company will pay attention to working with potential co-production partners for TNT comedy projects. Also, representatives of GPM RTV noted a strong interest in the format rights to a number of the company’s melodramatic projects from TNT and TV3 channels.

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Among the projects from the company “Central Partnership” in the Film Bazaar market are the new thriller “Manly”, the sports drama “Mr. Knockout”, the thriller “Who’s There?” and the animated film Dolphin Boy.

More than a third of Russian projects on the Film Bazaar market represent the animation segment. The company Soyuzmultfilm, which emphasized the high interest in the Indian market, will bring to Film Bazaar a new cartoon “Chink: Tailed Detective” – ​​this is the world’s first full-length animated film created entirely on a game engine. Also, Soyuzmultfilm will present the projects “Secrets of the honey valley”, “Just you wait!”, “The adventures of Petit and the Wolf”, “Monsiki”.

Animation studio Platoshka, which has recently signed a contract with one of the most advanced animation studios in Asia, the Indian Toonz Media Group for the distribution of the Hindi animated series “Flowers” in Hindi on Youtube channels, will present it on Film Bazaar. “Tsvetnyashki” is an educational musical animated series for children under 4 years old, created with the participation of child psychologists. The company expects to establish business contacts with Indian TV channels and VOD platforms for further cooperation.

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Red Carpet Studio is also entering the Indian market for the first time. At Film Bazaar, the company is betting on an animation project for kids, Space Doctor Cat. The company expects that within the framework of the market, licensed rights to the project for the main OTT platforms in India and Southeast Asia will be sold.

RIKI Group of Companies will show international buyers the animation projects Fixies, Bodo Borodo: Travels, Tim and Tom, and Babies.

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The Russian film industry will be represented at the Indian film market Film Bazaar

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