The Secret of the Perlims: The Review

The Secret of the Perlims The Review


- Release date : 01/18/2023
- Original title : Perlimps
- Film length: 1:16 a.m.
- Director: Al Abreu
- Screenwriter: Al Abreu
- VO performers: Giulia Benite, Stenio Garcia, Lorenzo Tarantelli


We don’t often get to see Brazilian animated films, so this The Secret of the Perlims who also talks about ecology and war is a good thing.

The screenplay by director Al Abreu revolves around two special agents from opposite countries, that of the sun and that of the moon. The latter will then have to team up to try to find Perlims who could help them save the forest where they live. Indeed, it is coveted by the Gloves who want to drown it.

Al Abreu’s film focuses almost exclusively on two characters and their surprising quest to better understand their world.

It’s a very beautiful story of friendship that is told in which the differences of each other complement each other. The surprising finale reinforces the subject of the film and its reflection on the desire to possess everything through war associated with the lack of heart of the gloves who behave like this.

Because they devour everything around them and they have lost their children’s souls which allowed them to avoid so much destruction for nothing.

The sets are truly remarkable. We honestly have the impression of seeing paintings that are created with great meticulousness and lots of color. The environments are diverse and nature is beautifully represented. Especially since the latter benefits from a soundtrack at its height, which reinforces this impression of plunging into the heart of this perennial forest.

Moreover, the melody of the Perlims remains in memory for a very long time. It is regularly taken up as a musical thread. The children’s choirs that sometimes accompany it are absolutely beautiful and the final credits delight the ears.

The animation is nice. The characters are very characteristic and really different. We take pleasure in following their various tribulations. Moreover, poetry is regularly invited to the heart of the story. These sometimes dreamlike passages, magnified by the music, are absolutely sublime and bewitching.

The feature film also takes place at the height of the small characters. The children will therefore be able to project themselves into themselves, especially since it is a very beautiful ode to youth, hope and friendship that is offered.

The Secret of the Perlims is a good animated film presenting an epic quest making reflect on the friendship and on the violence of those which forgot their child’s soul and think only of destroying the others. With a universal story, a pleasant realization and endearing characters, certain passages, and very pleasant music, allow you to immerse yourself completely in the heart of this atypical adventure.

Touching and generous.

The Secret of the Perlims The Review


Cla and Bru are two secret agents from rival kingdoms, those of the Sun and the Moon, which share the Magic Fort. When the Giants threaten to sink their world under water, the two enemies must overcome their differences and join forces. They then go in search of the Perlims, mysterious creatures who alone can save the Fort…



- Music : Gustavo Montenegro
- Producers: Ernesto Soto, Las Bodanzky, Luiz Bolognesi for Buriti Filmes, Globo Filmes, Gloob, Sony Pictures Television
- Distributer : UFO Cast




The Secret of the Perlims

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The Secret of the Perlims: The Review

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