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We analyze Tom and Jerrythe film that mixes cartoons with real actors

Tom and Jerry is a series of animated shorts, created by william hanna Y joseph barberabefore being known worldwide as Hanna Barberawhich, initially, remained on the air between 1940 and 1967. It returned in 1975 and, throughout different shows, it has been broadcast until the present, although not uninterruptedly.

Given that the shorts of this couple of animals have won a total of seven Oscars, despite how traumatizing some chapters can beit’s normal that Tom and Jerry They ended up starring in their own movies. In fact, they have already made an appearance in fourteen animation films, between 1992 and 2017, in addition to one that mixes cartoons with live-action, simply titled Tom and Jerry (2021), as we already discussed at the timewhich is precisely the film that this article analyzes.

This 101-minute film is directed by Tim Story and, in addition to having Tom Y Jerrywho are credited as themselves, stars Chloë Grace Moretz (What Kayla Forester), michael pena (In the role of Terence Mendoza), Colin Jost (who plays Ben), Rob Delaney (which embodies Henry DuBros), ken jeong (who gets into the skin of Jackie), pallavi sharda (what makes of Preeta), jordan bolger (it converts into cameron), patsy ferran (which turns into Joy), Daniel Adegboyega (What Gavin), Christina Chong (In the role of Lola), Ajay Chhabra Y somi desouza (who play Mr. and Mrs. Mehta) Y Camila Arfwedson (which embodies Linda Perry Bottom).

By means of a ruse, the young Kayla Forester get a job as an assistant event manager at the Royal Gate Hotel, which is about to become the venue for an Indian wedding. However, when a mouse is discovered to have found its way into the building, they task Kayla the mission to get rid of him. The young woman is very clear that the best way to get rid of a rodent is to have a cat.

Although we saw so much talk Tom like Jerry In their first animated feature film, both animals have always been silent in the episodes of the different series, something that is respected in the film that this article analyzes, with the exception of the moment when the cat sits down to play the piano and sing. , which is a bit shocking, since if he’s able to do that, he should be able to talk too.

The usual fights between Tom Y Jerry They are very well represented in the film, as if we were watching another chapter of the animated series. However, as it is a live-action film, the real actors must be given some weight in the plot. The problem is that, if it is not dosed properly, it can get to the point of making the viewer doubt which is the most important story of the film: whether that of the animals or that of the people.

Another of the biggest drawbacks of the film Tom and Jerry is the excessive use of animation for each of the animals in the film. Although it is understandable that the cat and mouse are cartoons, since it is the best way to represent them in their usual and impossible pursuits, there are others, such as the pigeons that fly through the sky or the fish in the hotel office, they would have looked better as real animals.

Since the movie is from the Warner Brosit should not surprise us that it contains scenes that are a clear nod to the scene in the feature film Batman (1989) in which the Batman’s air vehicle appears in front of the moon, taking the form of the Gotham hero’s logo.

Will there be a sequel to Tom and Jerry?

Since the film was released in theaters last year, it is too early to predict the possibility of a sequel. However, since nothing has been heard about it, it is very possible that it will not take place, since, staying true to the spirit of the animated series, it would mean a repetition of the same formula as the original film. In addition, most of the criticism was negative despite the fact that it became the seventh highest-grossing film of 2021.

However, the animated series Tom and Jerry in New York (in force since the same year the film was released), which is shown in the image that accompanies this paragraph, is considered a continuation of the film, since most of the plot of the chapters takes place within the Royal Gate Hotel.

Tom and Jerry

Though, Tom and Jerry It is a film that is mainly intended for children, an adult can see it as the entertainment product that it is without feeling insulted by their intelligence.

Tom and Jerry

Therefore, if you have children at home or feel nostalgic for how you enjoyed cartoons of this unique couple in your childhood, Tom and Jerrywithout being a masterpiece of the seventh art, nor pretending to be, it can be a correct option for a family afternoon on the sofa at home.

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The Video Store: Tom and Jerry

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