The War of the Rohirrim: 3 Questions About The Lord of the Rings Animated Movie

An animated film on the Lord of the Rings universe is in preparation and will focus on the people of Rohan, two centuries before the films of Peter Jackson

A television series in 2022, then an animated film in 2024. The universe of JRR Tolkien is available on new media, eight years after the cinema release of the last part of the trilogy of Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies. And if we already know the basics about the series produced by Amazon (entitled Rings of Power), things are finally clearing up for the animated film.

The project The War of the Rohirrim

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim (The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim) is the name of an upcoming animated film being piloted by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Animation. The magazine variety learned on February 14 that the release of the feature film is desired for the month of April 2024. It remains to be seen whether it will be released in cinemas or on a service of SVOD.

Japanese director Kenji Kamiyama was given the task of directing The War of the Rohirrim. For those who are not very familiar with Japanese production, Kenji Kamiyama is a reference, in particular for having supervised the two seasons of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complexbut also the animated film Ghost in the Shell: SAC Solid State Society.

Philippa Boyens is also involved in the project, as an executive producer. Her name is no doubt familiar to Lord of the Rings fans: she was the screenwriter of Peter Jackson’s two trilogies on Tolkien’s universe (and producer on the second). She won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for The king’s returnin 2004.

What are the Rohirrim?

The Rohirrim are a people of Middle-earth who live in Rohan, a kingdom of men and women who are very attached to the equestrian tradition and the cavalry. They are a people close to Gondor, another human kingdom, whose survival could be ensured during a great war depicted in The king’s return — the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

Théoden, king of Rohan. // Source: The Lord of the Rings

In The Rohirrim War, it is a question of placing nearly 200 years before the events told in the two trilogies of Peter Jackson. We must follow the adventures of Helm Main-Marteau (in English Helm Hammerhand), the ninth king of Rohan, whose name was used to baptize a certain Gouffre de Helm, a fortress embedded in the mountain.

Helm Hand-Hammer’s reign was notably marked by a conflict with the Duneans (or Dunlendings), who tried to overthrow the king and seize power. Helm will notably face a siege in this abyss, but also the lord of the Duneans, a certain Wulf. Perhaps we will still hear the horn of Helm’s Deep sound again?

Have there been other animated adaptations of the Tolkien universe?

From the Tolkien universe, we especially know the film adaptations led by Peter Jackson. It turns out that there have been two projects in the past that have explored animation to tell the story of Middle-earth: the first is a film released in 1978, called The Lord of the Rings, which mixed live action and animation. The other is a TV movie released in 1980, The Return of the King.

The animation technique used for The War of the Rohirrim is not known today. Kenji Kamiyama has, however, demonstrated his ability to work with computer graphics and we can assume that it is rather in this direction that he will turn, rather than traditional 2D animation, as can be seen in the classics of Disney.

The War of the Rohirrim will not directly stage a real cast, unless you resort to motion capture (for the movements) or performance capture (for the expressions) to capture the acting of the actors and actresses. If there is a recourse to a particular casting, it could be rather to ensure the dubbing of the characters shown on the screen.

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Galadriel // Source: Amazon Prime Video

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The War of the Rohirrim: 3 Questions About The Lord of the Rings Animated Movie

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