These are the 20 best animated series on Prime Video, according to Rotten Tomatoes

Vox Machina, Invincible and Undone lead a luxury list in terms of original animated series. Prime Video, a great catalog.

Thousands of ideas in entertainment are not developed with real actors, actresses and scenarios, because they tell stories that are too good to be true. Faced with this situation, more than 100 years ago the world of cinema opted for another way of transmitting these messages: animation. In this way, due to its relevance, it is done in cinemascomics a recount of the best animated series. On the other hand, the impact that streaming platforms currently have is considered. These spaces are, today, those that have a high number of productions of this type. Thus, following a pattern, these are the best 20 animated shows present in Prime Video.

The list, designed by Rotten Tomatoes, collects the vote of hundreds of critics, as well as the will of viewers. In this way, it should be noted that the following count is based on the ranking present in the aforementioned and recognized specialized portal.

Top 5: a novelty among legends

It should be noted, before beginning to enumerate, that many of the productions are not typical of Amazon Prime Video. That is, some belong to other studios and are housed in the catalog and others must be acquired for additional payments. In fact, several of the titles mentioned are not available in all countries.

The best, according to the suffragettes, is Vox Machine. The story follows a gang of eight social misfits who are on a mission to save the kingdom of Exandria from dark magical forces. It has 12 episodes of a single season, as it was recently released in 2022.

In turn, although it is not an anime, it does have an influence on its style. However, the one that follows is a pure-bred Japanese product. Is about Steins;Gate. Based on the video game of the same name, it shows a group of friends who turned their microwave into a device that can send text messages to the past. As they carry out different experiments, an organization, also interested in the investigation, will try to capture them.


Its launch dates from 2011, which is why it is considered a great classic of the genre. And it is that, as was said before, in the absence of original contentthe platform brought together legendary animated series from other media to its credit.

Thus, the summary is followed by invader zim. The popular animation from the early 2000s marked an entire generation when it originally aired on Nickelodeon. It tells the life of ZIM, an alien from the planet Irk, who attends an Earth school.

Also from another study comes from the BBC, Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks. This is a summary of redone fragments of the third season of the acclaimed British series.

It was originally broadcast in six weekly episodes from November 6 to December 10, 1966. However, the company’s digital recapitulation was released much more recently.

Consequently, to enclose the first cycle is assy mcgee. The irreverent 2006 classic centers on a vigilante cop. In turn, he brings his own brand of street justice to criminals in a once calmer world.

Top 10: animated series of yesterday and today

Another trend that continues to be seen in the rest of the ranking is the high preference for old shows offered by the platform. Nickelodeon, in turn, gives another one to the list.

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera was very well received upon its release in 2007. However, its early cancellation discouraged fans. With a heritage that includes powers of good and evil, 13-year-old Manny has to choose between being a hero or a villain.

Another cult jumps out at you. Exo Squad, from 1993, follows the expansion of humanity through the solar system. Aliens and robots are part of the plot that served as inspiration for many later stories.

When it comes to Image comics, Prime knows. However, although everyone knows a particular series, there was a precursor: TheMaxx. It is based on Pangea, a peaceful fantasy world filled with benign creatures, ruled by the “leopard queen” and her masked protector called The Maxx. On the other side of reality is a real world, where Julie Winter is being chased by Mr. Gone. The alter egos of the protagonists debate between realities in an unprecedented story.

Thus, following the ideas of the same publisher is the well-known Invincible. In it, 17-year-old Mark Grayson is like any other boy his age. Except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man. Mark discovers that his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

Undone, an award-winning drama, puts the voices of great celebrities like Rosa Salazar or Bob Odenkirk to be with Alma, the protagonist. After the young woman, 28 years old, almost died in a car accident, she discovers that she has a new relationship with time.

Top 15: room for your own

animated spin-off of The Boys Diabolical

Only three own productions have integrated, up to this part, the list. Likewise, in the next half another joins them. The Boys Presents: Diabolicalthe spin-off of the famous superhero series offers a satirical summary starring the controversial characters.

For this, Antony Starr returns in the role of Homelander. In turn, stars like Awkafina or Xolo Maridueña are also part of the cast.

Aeon Flux, the glorious American anime of the 90s, even served as a muse for the movie of the same name starring Charlize Theron. In the near future, an industrial disaster wipes out 99% of the planet’s population. The survivors take refuge in an isolated city, where they intend to achieve a perfect life through a revolution.

Another trunk of memories, but more recent, is at number 13. Mighty B: the super bee focuses on Bessie, who wants to get all the existing scout badges and therefore sometimes imagines herself as a superhero named Mighty B.

Irreverence and very adult humor make up the following mentioned: Ultra City Smiths. Dax Shepard, Luis Guzmán, Kristen Bell and Chris Conrad make up the prestigious cast. For its part, the synopsis describes two detectives who face the corrupt system while investigating the mysterious disappearance of the last honest politician. During the investigation a group of unlikely suspects emerges, each with the last name Smith.

Fairfax, another Prime Video original, is set with high school best friends Dale, Derica, Benny, and Truman. Young people are in a never-ending quest for power on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

Top 20: animated series for all audiences

Opening the last five is the crown jewel of heavy animated series: South Park. In fact, his goal seems to be to offend as many people as possible, while presenting the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show has imitated Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, high-handed politicians and celebrities. By the way, Kenny is killed in several episodes.

Stripperella, also for adults, follows an exotic dancer who is also a superhero. The account is starred by Pamela Anderson herself and even Stan Lee lent his voice for the title in question.

On the other hand, children take advantage of the streaming space for their entertainment. Therefore, a classic of children’s TV, Sid the science kid, is among the best. Account, in 3D modeling, the curiosity of its protagonist. Also, the yearning that he has to know the reason behind each element of the world that surrounds him.

Returning to the more mature products, Nick Offerman is a mustachioed policeman who fights crime with his ax in Ax Cop. Ken Marino and Patton Oswald, comedians and prestigious voice actors, accompany him in the cast.

good vibes It is the one that closes with a flourish. It is an American adult animated sitcom created by David Gordon Green and Brad Ableson and Mike Clements for MTV. However, it is in the Prime catalog at an additional cost.

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These are the 20 best animated series on Prime Video, according to Rotten Tomatoes

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