Thirteen animated and VFX movies made with Unreal Engine that will blow your mind

Movies, series, short films, video game cinematics, even architecture… More and more studios are opting for programs like Unreal Engine, not only to develop video games, but also to create authentic cinematographic productions.

Its almost infinite possibilities, the level of realism and its rendering powerallow this engine to create movies, cinematics and short films with a level like that of the productions that we bring you in this report.

My name is Jónatan Cortés, I am an animator, digital artist and founder of the animation studio Animal Studios and from the portal And in this article I bring you 13 Productions made in Unreal Engine that are going to blow your fucking head off. Prepare the popcorn.

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It is very likely that not a single name of the titles that you are going to see in this report will sound familiar to you. Things change, if you hear about The Mandalorian. One of the most revered Star Wars franchise spin offs in history.

What would you say if we told you that most of this series was shot in a virtual production set powered by Unreal Engine?

All 3D environments were created by Industrial Light & Magic and lit and rendered in real time from the camera’s perspective to provide the parallax effect. Better that you see it yourself.

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This short film, although it may not seem like it, is not a recording, it is not real, it is created using Unreal, our real-time game engine, and a motion capture system.

Irradiation showcases the immense potential and hyperrealism of virtual production using Epic software. Brutal.


Another superhuman marvel created in just six weeks using Unreal Engine 5, MetaHuman Creator character generator, and a small team of great artists.

The eye: Calanthek is a hyper-realistic animated short film whose source files are fully available to download and use in UE5 Early Access for free.


Descending’s animation was mostly done in maya + xsens. and facial animation in Unreal. A job of about 7 weeks. Characters, settings, effects, were loaded directly into the Unreal engine in Real time.

Descending is the first act of a much larger story that will be revealed in the coming months. If you want to know more you will find more information at


The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience it is, literally, a demonstration of the outrage that a small team of artists (one of the best, let’s say it all) can create just for the pleasure of squeezing the load capacity of a program like UNREAL 5 to the maximum.

World partition, Lumen and Nanite are some of the new technologies that allow this fucking movie, with all the letters, to be also playable. You better watch it till the end.


First day is the name of the first chapter of a series of 3 short films about the famous Star Wars saga. We have included it in our list, due to the cinematographic level that they have put on when fully producing this work of art in Unreal Engine. brutal.


Dark Nebula is an independent animated short film created by artist Marc Carratala, using only the tools of Epic, Metahuman, Epic’s Marketplace and of course Unreal Engine.

Literally as its author says “From the concept, the script and the direction to the construction of the world, the animation and shooting, it has been a very challenging experience that fueled my passion to create my first short film in the last 4 months with Unreal Engine”. Supernatural.


Navigating through the dark catacombs of 3d art, I found this piece, created by the artist JSFILMZ. It only lasts two minutes, but the level of detail of this production deserves a space in our tribute to the best movies made with Unreal.


Another incredible nonsense that shows us, once again, the democratization of digital art thanks to this program. “The Pantheon” a cinematic that we have found on the channel of the artist HanYang CG. A 2019 short film combining motion capture techniques with the Unreal engine.


In May 2020, the Epic Games team released a demo of version 5 of Unreal. It came to be a playable movie in real time to demonstrate the power of Nanite, its latest technology that finally allows the creation and representation in real time of 3d modeling with a high level of detail. If you haven’t already, you better see the result.


The Epic team published on May 12, 2022, the result of a challenge to its community of artists. They wanted to see what was possible by combining Unreal Engine 5, the 3D creation tool most open and advanced real-time network in the world, with Quixel Megascans, plus models and libraries pulled from Sketchfab and the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

So they created a project they called “Ninety Days.” A team of artists created more than 40 3d environments mind-blowing in just a few days each, something that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Here I leave the result

In you have this Free workshop on how to create 3d environments in Unreal for video games.


NCing, an NCSOFT studio dedicated to video game experimentation and research, has created the animated short film Project M with Unreal Engine 5.

A short that works like the gameplay-trailer of a video game full of cinematic scenes created with the acclaimed Epic Games engine, NCSOFT’s three-dimensional scanning technology, motion capture techniques, visual effects high-quality and other tools developed by the South Korean studio.


At this point in the game, it is difficult for you not to have come across etchū-daimon station in some medium, forum or social network, the famous scene of the station, made in UNREAL.

I leave you as a finishing touch to this report, photorealism in real time, taken to its maximum expression.

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Thirteen animated and VFX movies made with Unreal Engine that will blow your mind

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