This is ‘Bluey’, the children’s animation that has been the revelation of 2022

The new phenomenon of animation for children comes from Australia, is led by a family of dogs and is called ‘Bluey’. Its 11-minute episodes and its friendly, fun, and educational tone have won over the little ones and have made it a success for Disney+.

By Marina Such – 12 Dec 2022

the paw patrol, pocoyo Y Peppa Pig They have a successor as the new phenomenon that all children are watching. Is about Bluey, a series that Disney+ has in Spain and that follows a family of Australian dogs made up of father Bandit, mother Chilli and their two daughters, the aforementioned Bluey, who is the eldest, and Bingo. The four live situations that any family with relatively young children can quickly identify. One of her episodes, for example, revolves around her mother’s desire to have even twenty minutes to herself, without the girls hogging all her attention.

The strength of the series are its short episodes, about 11 minutes long, that recognition of situations by adults and the personality of its protagonist. Bluey, who is six years old, turns anything from day to day into an adventure. Tidying up the room turns into a kind of dance contest with his sister and she finds a positive side to everything.

It is the classic children’s show that teaches children to respect their parents, to be tolerant of others and also to have fun, which is something that is at the heart of the inspiration of its creator, Joe Brumm. The writer has two daughters who, at home, organize their own games. “It’s fascinating to see how much they learn from monitoring and playing their own games, especially the more elaborate and social ones,” Brumm explained to the Australian media, where the series premiered to great success in 2018. In 2019, Disney bought the international rights. .

The personal experiences of the creators of Bluey They are very important to the making of the series. Many of the child characters are voiced by the children of the writers. and the fiction technicians, although the parents are the responsibility of an actress, Melanie Zanetti, and a singer turned voice actor, David McCormack, who have come to appear in The Tonight Show. Up to that point she has succeeded Bluey all over the world and, in fact, throughout this year it was quite common to find children in parks or on public transport watching episodes on mobile phones or tablets.

Nor is it surprising that fiction has found its audience so quickly. The characters can be dogs (the protagonists are Australian Blue Heeler cattle dogs), but they live in human houses, they walk on two legs and have human behaviors. A running joke is that one of the puppies, a dachshund, cannot sit up because he is too long and always falls over on his side.

The dog family that stars in 'Bluey'.
The dog family that stars in ‘Bluey’.

The series has not been spared some controversy either because Australian fans claim that Disney has censored various moments of its third season in international versions. Almost all are related to gag eschatological and, in one case, the origin of a foreigner is changed from being a day laborer from Argentina to a backpacker tourist.

Be that as it may, what is indisputable is that the kindness that presides over the series and that its adult characters also have very recognizable conflicts has helped make it a great success not only among its child target audience, but also among other family members. older. That’s the trick to getting a global phenomenon.

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This is ‘Bluey’, the children’s animation that has been the revelation of 2022

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