This is how you activate and enjoy the new hidden animations of Windows 11

Since its launch a few months ago, one of the main objectives of the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 11, is to update its user interface. At the same time, a good number of functional innovations have been introduced to modernize this software in general.

Many users who still work with older versions of the system are waiting for the arrival of the first big major update. Everything indicates that it will take place in a few weeks, predictably at the end of September, it is expected on the 20th. It will bring with it a good number of corrections and new functions to finish convincing users and that migrate to windows 11.

Now we want to talk about an interesting and attractive novelty that refers precisely to the interface of the operating system. We tell you all this because Microsoft is currently working on the arrival of animated icons for the Settings application. It is worth mentioning that at the launch of Windows 11, the company demonstrated the use of the motion function. Despite all this, so far we have hardly seen any implementation of this in Windows 11. But it seems that now things are going to change.

And it is that just as an expert user in Microsoft news has detected, the firm is testing the Settings app icon animation. With these new animations you can see first-hand how Motion works in Windows. In case you didn’t know, the Motion functionality animates parts of the system and responds to user interaction. Thus, when these elements change position and size, users are guided to follow the change in state that has occurred.

How do I turn on animations in Windows 11?

Well, once we know all this, it is interesting to know that you can see some part of Windows 11. However, now Microsoft wants to take it all to the next level by introducing these principles of design in icons for the Settings app.

It must be said that we see this change in the behavior of the icons in the latest update of the Windows 11 Insider Dev channel. Specifically, we find it in Build 25188 that was released just a few hours ago.

But with everything and with it, although you are executing the last Insider Program build Dev, you may not see these new animations. This is because the software giant is testing only a few users. Due to this, for the rest of the Insiders the new animations in the icons are hidden in the operating system. Be that as it may, with this move Microsoft shows that it wants to introduce this change for everyone in the future.

But as we commented, most of the insider users at the moment cannot see these animations that we commented on in the Settings app. An easy solution to solve this problem is to download and use the ViveTool GUI program if you have Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25188.

This is an open source application that will allow us to be able to see the new animations right away and enable others hidden features of windows 11.

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This is how you activate and enjoy the new hidden animations of Windows 11

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