This Japanese artist brings cult manga and anime characters to life in an impressive video

Since the manga and the anime are now an integral part of contemporary popular culture, we can see more and more artists appropriating the genre, giving rise to ideas that are surprising to say the least, like this artist who had imagined the characters of the famous animated film The Lion King Disney studios as manga characters dragonball by Akira Toriyama. Because the fact is that today, certain characters like Goku or naruto have become true icons all over the world, along with other recognized heroes of the West, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and DC’s Superman. This is why this japanese artist recently went viral on TikTok by making a video in which one can find many cult characters from various Japanese works.

the power of stop motion

2022 ended less than a week ago, and we can say that anime fans have been able to enjoy the many titles that have been released throughout the year. Between chain saw man and Blue LockPassing by Spy x Family, My Hero Academia or Bleachthere was something for everyone, allowing everyone to find what they were looking for.

And to celebrate the new year as it should be, Kenta Shinohara, a Japanese artist, shared an impressive video on TikTokthus paying homage to certain emblematic characters of Japanese popular culture.

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Also known as AnimistShinohara makes stop motion videos where we find a myriad of cult characters, ranging from video games with Kirby and street fighters to anime with Demon Slayer Where dragonball. The artist explains that he believes that every object has a soul, thus referring to animism, a belief that nature is governed by spirits analogous to human will. His ambition is therefore to give life to inanimate objects.

A more than successful objective in terms of the final result, whose fluidity is simply captivating. The video thus presents us with a myriad of more or less known works, with in particular dragonball and Ultramanbut also Demon Slayer and One Pieceor Pui Pui Molcar, Uma Music, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures and KonoSuba. A video where we can then see unthinkable sceneslike wrestling fights for example, with in particular Master Roshi and Captain America who clash, or even Bulma and Darth Vader.

Spider-Man, Majin Buu, Minecraft Steve, Mario, Bulma, Darth Vader, and more seen wrestling in Animist

Note that in the past, Shinohara had participated in the production of the Netflix series Rilakkuma and Kaoru, a Japanese stop motion animation series produced by Dwarf Studio and released in 2019, based on the character Rilakkuma from the company San-X. To discover more in detail the work of Shinohara/Animist, you can find his YouTube channel as well as his Instagram account.

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This Japanese artist brings cult manga and anime characters to life in an impressive video

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