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Let’s talk about the plot first:
Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang work at a photo studio called “Time” and take requests from customers to spare them regrets.
With a photo provided by a client, Cheng Xiaoshi can travel back in time to the moment it was taken and assume the identity of the photographer, while absorbing the photographer’s memories and emotions in the process.
At the same time, Lu Guang has the ability to track events through time and helps Cheng Xiaoshi relive the experience of being a photographer.
These two are working in an environment where they only have 12 hours with one photo chance to find what their client is looking for, while leaving the events of the past unchanged.
Of course, I took this from Wikipedia because I’m too lazy to write about it. But what I definitely was not lazy was to watch this masterpiece.
Why is it still a masterpiece?

To do this, we will learn what ONA is. As I personally found out, ONA are low-budget anime that are not broadcast on TV, are not sold, the duration is only a few minutes and in general this usually refers to hentai (I myself saw this for the first time and ah * ate (I mean about hentai))
But still, what is ONA actually? For me, ONA is anime that is made by Chinese animation studios.
Just these LAN studios, in collaboration with the Haoliners Animation League, did what could be shown and sold. Although Haoliners Animation League is currently owned by Chinese streaming service Bilibili.
That is, this anime was broadcast on TV, as well as the Daily Life of the Immortal King (also from these studios), but this anime will be a little later.
So, what did I like about the Time Agent anime?

OP and ED. Actually my respects to the 2 soundtracks of Dive Back in Time and Overthink, especially Overthink conveys the atmosphere of the whole anime.
As soon as the episode ends and it comes to ED, I don’t turn on the next episode, I sit to the end bitch and get high on it. Be sure to listen to Overthink, it’s something good, I definitely have it in my playlist.

Ending anime “Time Agent”.

Awesome design, awesome picture, no plastic characters, emotions that will definitely convey to you (well, at least I felt what I needed), a plot that you will definitely like, that’s all there is and they did it, as for me well.

In general, I won’t be verbose, and I’m not just postponing this anime for a long time, I didn’t want to watch it at all, but something prompted me to watch it and it was not in vain. I didn’t waste my time that’s for sure, you will definitely like it, I’m sure of it.

This is not really a review, but a recommendation. And I will definitely envy you that you will watch it for the first time.

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Time Agent (not review) – Anime on DTF

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