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Who said cartoons are just for kids? Or, have you ever wondered which adult cartoons I should watch on Netflix? In recent times, a multitude of cartoon series have emerged for adults, but… which is the best cartoon for adults? Specifically, what is the most popular cartoon on Netflix? In fact, there is a search field that just selects all the animal cartoon shows on Netflix and the most curious thing is that most of them are not for children. In this article we are going to tell you about the 10 best series that you can watch on Netflix for adult cartoons and we are sure that you will be impressed with how much you will like each one!

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And now you are ready to meet our dear list! Here is our TOP 10 of the animated series you can find on Netflix:

1) BoJack Horseman

This series had to be number one on our list. It might not be the most popular series on Netflix or any other streaming platform, but without a doubt Bojack Horseman was the great grandfather of all the adult cartoon series that came out. Here the plot revolves around the depressed and downcast former movie star, where she struggles and makes her mistakes in life. All this while the vibrant colors, typical of this show, are displayed, while other cartoon characters are being presented, as well as in their animal form. There are several psychological dialogues that have become famous memes on social networks due to the depth of their content, where most viewers identify with the reflections made.

2) Arcane

This series was a resounding success on the Netflix platform. Even if you haven’t heard of Arcane, you’ve certainly heard of League of Legends. Arcane brings us the story of League of Legends for television. A beautifully conceived animation with magnificent sets, top notch music and voices and a brilliantly well-developed story.

3) Death Note

We speak here of a cult series. In addition to being popular, this series also gave life to the famous manga book Death Note. Fortunately the series lived up to the book, being considered one of the best animated series for adults. This story revolves around the main character who finds a book where anyone whose name is written in that book dies immediately.

4) Dota: Dragon’s Blood

It’s a recent Netflix series, but it was an immediate hit with viewers. Visually, this series is similar to the vibes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This story is about Davion, a dragon slayer. After a mysterious encounter with a dragon, he begins to develop supernatural abilities, as if he were reincarnating that very dragon!

5) Love, Death & Robots

Created by “Dead Pool” director Tim Miller, each episode, lasting 10-15m, is packed with action, adventure, horror, sci-fi and fantasy.

6) F Is For Family

The creator of this series is comedian Bill Burr and of course it follows the lines of his humor. This series revolves around the family dramas of the typical American family, with the addition of a lot of humor and sarcasm.

7) The Midnight Gospel

It’s a different series, where the main character plays the role of a podcast interviewer who goes on the adventure of meeting several interesting characters so that he can interview them. Topics range from identity crises, death and drug use.

8) Inside Job

This series revolves around an organization that investigates the most popular conspiracy theories today. A fun series that will bring you up to date with the latest conspiracy theories and make you question everything.

9) Castlevania

A gothic fantasy series, it tells about the last living member of a family that killed monsters. He sets out on a mission, together with allies, to annihilate all the evil creatures that have appeared in his lands.

10) The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

An adventure that follows the wizard Vesemir, the man who was the teacher of Geralt, the epic character in the Netflix fantasy series. Living in the era of the beginning of the wizarding apparition, Vasemir is put to the test when he needs to solve a mystery to exonerate the wizarding order. In this odyssey many complications arise and of course, nothing is what it seems!

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Top 10 Adult Animated Series on Netflix | CosmoNerd

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