“Unicorn Wars”: Franco-Spanish animated film partly produced in Angoulême and Bordeaux

Made in Angoulême, Bordeaux, Paris and Spain, it received support from the New Aquitaine Region of 100,000 euros in 2019 as production aid.

unicorn wars was part of the official selection of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. It features around fifty characters and nearly 1,500 sets. The film took 6 years to develop and produce with over 250 professionals involved in its making.

In these distant lands, bear cubs and unicorns have always been at war. Private Celestin thirsts for the blood of unicorns, the key to eternal beauty according to the Great Sacred Book. His brother Dodu does not like war, he prefers blueberries and hugs. But the final battle is approaching. A unit of inexperienced bear cubs leaves the training camp for a commando mission in the Magic Forest. Will they be up to it?

Unicorn Wars is a fantastic war story mixing drama and humor, which relates the ancestral war between cubs and unicorns. The film offers an allegory on the human being and his conflicting relationship with nature. He uses childish graphic codes to better subvert them and create an original and modern story.

The project gratingly tackles the shortcomings of the contemporary world, on power, religion and ecology. The aesthetics and narrative structure ofUnicorn Wars approach the universe of the tale or the mythological fable, seen through an iconoclastic angle. All the ingredients of the magic tale are brought together, but treated from an adult point of view in order to tackle substantive subjects.

uw poster defThere is a permanent contrast between content and form. Simultaneously a parody of fantasy films and war films, the ambition of Unicorn Wars is to break genres to create an original universe, open the possibilities of narration and address a set of subjects in the background.

After Psychonauts and decorated, my will was with Unicorn Wars to tackle a more ambitious animated feature film project. It was an opportunity for me to advance artistically and to use all the experience I acquired during these years of intensive work.

It is an independent film that aims to reach a wider audience, without abandoning a strong artistic and narrative requirement. Psychonauts was a slow, desperate and dramatic film, as Unicorn Wars is more dynamic, with dark humor as a starting point and more characters.

Unicorn Wars parodies war and horror films such as Full Meta/ Jacket Where Cannibal Holocaust, but above all deals with a deeply human story, which finds its essence in the conflicting relationship between the two teddy bear brothers Dodu and Célestin, whom everything opposes, linked to a terrible family secret in relation to their mother.

Although the film starts from a rather funny and extravagant premise (the violent war between icons of children’s illustration such as teddy bears and unicorns), it depicts madness and betrayal in a cruel and offbeat way. The film deals with intimate themes such as envy, jealousy and manipulation, mixed with other more general themes such as war, ecology and religion, thus creating a game of contrasts.

The idea was to continue the artistic work started with my previous projects, while adding new key elements to enrich and differentiate it, such as the use of medieval Christian iconography to represent the new religion. bears, or the creation of a sound identity based on environmental electronic music.

Unicorn Wars is an ambitious, original project with a clear universal message. A cross between Apocalypse Now and Baby, with one foot in adult animation and the other in film

Independent, and intended for a wide audience by its humorous, dynamic nature and its dramatic sense.

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One video game free inspired by the film is available for download at Android and iOS. The online game Unicorn Wars is a free “shoot’em up” video game in which the player controls Celestin who, equipped only with his bow and arrows, must survive the incessant attacks of unicorns and kill them as quickly as possible. In order to score points go to the next level. Each board will have a specific number of enemies to defeat to unlock the next level and learn more about the storyline.

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“Unicorn Wars”: Franco-Spanish animated film partly produced in Angoulême and Bordeaux

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