Upset among animation authors for the purge of series on HBO Max

In the United States, there is still a lot of talk about severe changes brought about by the fusion of hbo max and Discovery+ within Warner Bros. Discoveryreflected in the purge of series and movies on the first platform, which even affects old chapters of Sesame Street. The sieve has generated a strong discomfort among creators seeing how their work is parked and sent to limbo. Below are some reactions of animation authors, guild more than dissatisfied by the disregard.

Owen Dennis (“The Infinite Train”)

Owen Dennis, creator of infinity train (the infinity train), has been quite active about it on his Twitter profile and has even published an article criticizing the situation, the chaos and the lack of information from the company. “The announcement (…) was a shock to all of us. Not only for the fans, but also for the creators and artists who made the shows. He had no idea what was coming, just like any other show creator I’ve talked to or any of his reps,” he notes.

“People have been working behind the scenes for days trying to figure out what’s going on. A thousand calls, messages and emails have been made, but the problem is that the entirety of Warner and Discovery is merging. This means that the people you would normally talk to have been laid off, transferred, or quit, so no one has any idea how to get the information you need. right now. This is the same thing that happened in the first few months of the merger with AT&T. Never applaud a corporate merger, they help about 100 people and hurt thousands.”Add.

Dennis’s words are quite clear, pointing out that his series can continue to watch (in the US) on iTunes or Amazon Prime.

Julia Pott (‘Wizard Camp’)

In case of Summer Camp Island (Magic Camp) It was painful and tricky, since I had a Entire season finished and pending premierehence julia pottits creator, originally said the following on Twitter: “We worked for five years to make 100 episodes of animation. We worked late at night, we got carried away, we were a family of hardworking artists who wanted to make something beautiful, and HBO MAX just threw us all away like we were nothing. And the animation doesn’t deserve that!“.

Nevertheless, It seems that in the end the prospects of magic camp they have improved and they have been informed that in principle it will be shown on Cartoon Network.

Stephen P. Neary (‘The Fungi’)

For its part, Stephen P. Neary, behind the fungi (until recently available on Movistar +) posted the following on Twitter: “During a drawing class I discovered that the fungi was withdrawn on HBO Max this week. I am heartbroken, but I want to take this opportunity to thankThank you to all the amazing artists and production people for their hard work on this sincere and feverish dream of making a show.”

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Upset among animation authors for the purge of series on HBO Max

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