[VIDEO] Cinema: in theaters this Wednesday, the animated film “Krypto and the super-animals” is not lacking in dogs!

The 3D animated film from Warner-DC comics, “Krypto and the super-animals” compensates for its very standard animation by the quality of its narration, simple but funny and effective. Recommended for young audiences… but not just them!

Let us free ourselves from the outset from the weight of the truth: the best animated superhero film (and the best superhero film, according to many observers, including yours truly) remains, and will remain until proven on the contrary, The Incredibles by Brad Bird. A 2004 Pixar production whose durability and authority are such that, eighteen years later, Krypto and the Super Animals clearly seems to take place in his world!

The men’s best friend

However, it is indeed a film within the DC cinematic universe (Warner Bros.’s response to Disney’s Marvel cinematic universe). So, had it escaped us that a puppy had climbed into the escape pod in which baby Caleb had fled the destruction of his home planet Krypton. The latter became Superman and Krypto developed the same abilities as him. So, yes, the super-dog is the super-man’s best friend, but everything gets complicated when he has to share his master with Lois Lane.

Worse ! His sworn enemy, Lex Luthor, has got his hands on orange kryptonite which, by a joke of the scenario, will not confer superpowers on him as expected but on a small band of animals from the pound. Among them, Lulu (voiced by Muriel Robin, here really brilliant), a female guinea pig on which said Luthor has conducted experiments in the past and who, victim of Stockholm syndrome, devotes a toxic cult to her torturer. For him, she will capture Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash… in short, the whole Justice’s League! To triumph over the evil guinea pigs, Krypto, who has never heroized except with his master, will be forced to team up with a disillusioned but unbreakable curmudgeon, a big-eyed but ultra-fast turtle, an anxious but electric squirrel and a complexed slut but with very variable volumes!

endearing characters

Nothing but very classic, therefore, under the digital sun of superheroic adventures. But there’s also nothing that doesn’t sound right about trust, listening, mutual aid, sincerity, tolerance… about everything that, in short, is the basis of a true friendship. His classicism goes so far as to give time to the characterization of his characters who are all the more endearing, and to ventilate his main narrative arc, with tasty asides and clever nods to the DC universe. In terms of humour, if it is aimed at young audiences, Crypto does not stick to the first degree and the burlesque: his irony can be biting and his look, mocking, but without falling into the inconsequential parody which undermines, for example, Thor: love and thunder.

Technically, unfortunately, Crypto does not compare with the competition currently in theaters, whether Minions, Buzz Lightyear Where The bad guys : in addition to its graphics under influence, its animation lacks tone, texture and depth, apart from the action scenes, really neat, and beautifully staged. In short, from this point of view, Cryptodoes not only seem to belong to the same world as its glorious model but also to the same time. Fortunately for him, he has a dog! But isn’t it a superpower today to know how to tell a story?

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[VIDEO] Cinema: in theaters this Wednesday, the animated film “Krypto and the super-animals” is not lacking in dogs!

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