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In fact, Bruno and Marrone has always been a duo that caused a stir in the networks. This is because, in addition to the show, the country people always “give a bonus” to the public. However, this “bonus” is not always one more song. Sometimes it’s an argument between the two, other times it’s a polemic speech and even a drunkenness during a presentation.

At the time of the “lives” (due to the pandemic), Bruno and Marrone were protagonists of numerous “climões”. Bruno even left his colleague disconcerted in the middle of a presentation, saying that he: “talks too much”.

Indeed, even a possible end of the duo was considered. But, it seems, these disagreements have been overcome. Until, now, again, a video on the social network brings Bruno back in yet another controversy.

Come find out what happened.

Bruno “too excited” during show

Netizens pointed out Bruno’s “animation” too much, during a conversation with a dancer. Source: TikTok

In fact, Bruno and Marrone are on tour with the singer Leonardo with the show: “Cabaret”. Last Friday, 19, the country people performed in Sorriso, SP.

The show is full of dancers who dance the repertoire of the country people with short clothes, lots of feathers, glitter, in a “burlesque” tone. In one of the musical numbers, one of the dancers dances in a pole dance.

And it’s exactly this part of the show that’s making the rounds. It so happens that after the ballerina Bela Violence performs her choreography in the pole dance, Bruno approached the girl to praise her. After the song he asks the dancer’s name and says into the microphone:

“It’s hard to do that. I tried to do it once. Hey Bella, is it? My crotch is bad. Congratulations. I love you. You are f***”- said Bruno.

Bela then posted the video on TikTok, with the following caption: “I danced on the ‘Cabaret’ Leonardo, Bruno and Marrone and I’m speechless until now”.

However, other netizens pointed out that Bruno was “too excited” and even a supposed “erection” was noticed by some followers.

“Shame on him. She was doing the work, which is beautiful. His lack of respect for the public and embarrassment towards her and his wife.”– said a user of the network.

“People from heaven. I can’t believe he got excited in the middle of the show”- fired another follower.

“He didn’t even disguise” – observed another fan.

“They say that after this he continues to sleep on the bench in the square” – joked another fan.

See the video that was posted:

New release

Bruno and Marrone with the duo Henrique and Juliano pose during the recording of the clip.
Bruno and Marrone record a clip with Henrique and Juliano. Source: Instagram

However, between one controversy and another, Bruno and Marrone continue to work at full steam. This past Friday, the 19th, the duo released their new clip: “Leave her alone”. The music has the participation of the duo Henrique and Juliano.

Bruno and Marrone formed the duo in the late 80’s and it was precisely the singer Leonardo who introduced the two. The duo’s first big hit was “Dormi na Praça”.

The duo has already won a Latin Grammy and won three “Best of the Year” trophies, delivered on “Domingão do Faustão”.

Last year, Marrone participated in the first season of “The Masked Singer Brasil”, the sertanejo ended up being discovered by his music colleague, Simone.

Bruno is married to Marianne Rabelo. The couple has been together for 26 years and in 2011 they made their marriage official, with a ceremony at Terraço Daslu.

Finally, check out the duo’s new work: “Leave her alone”:

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Video of Bruno, from the duo with Marrone, “excited” with dancer goes viral and supposed “erection” is pointed out | fashion bubbles

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