Videos, animations and NFT, art is discovered digital at the “Blooming” of Pergola. “Single format in Italy”

PERGOLA – Come back Bloomingthe festival dedicated to the promotion of artistic expressions research in the field of digital culture, music and electronic arts. Today and tomorrow the manifestation of Pergola hosts international artists and creative studios with installations, video projections and performances in suggestive locations in the historic center.

For the sixth consecutive year, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy will welcome sensory experiments, immersive environments and engaging performances that will contribute to enhancing the historical and architectural heritage of the city.

The Nft phenomenon

Even in Italy, digital culture is growing rapidly: Giovanna Giannini Guazzugli, production manager of Blooming, takes stock of the present and perspectives: “Digital culture in Italy finds application at all levels in the work of artists, creatives and designers who they exploit technology to create artistic contents, products and processes, but they do not always find official recognition or are inserted in the circuits of contemporary art. Lately we hear a lot about digital art also thanks to the phenomenon of Nft (Non fungible token). Digital contents are created which are mainly videos, animations, images which are then associated with these tokens and marketed through the blockchain, exploiting the cryptocurrency market. Precisely for this reason, even for purely commercial reasons, the phenomenon, especially in the last year, has seen an almost uncontrollable expansion, with results that are not always of quality, but a world has opened up and the spotlight has turned on a very popular area “.

The prospects

The development prospects are significant: «In addition to the phenomenon of digital art and Nft, especially in Milan we are witnessing a strong development. A research and exhibition center, the Meet, has already been created with highly experienced people at European level. Furthermore, Minister Franceschini has decided to create a museum with special autonomy: the National Museum of Digital Art. Everything still needs to be built, but it is a very important sign of attention to the sector by the country’s highest cultural institution ».

The local landscape

In this panorama, the Pergolese event is carving out an important space: «Blooming was born in 2017 thanks to the will and passion of Rita Camilucci, who is the director and manages the Palazzo Bruschi association. She was in contact with the Quiet Ensemble, a leading creative studio in the panorama of visual arts and new media in Italy and also internationally, which has always been curator of the festival. Thanks to the format that combines unique locations, churches, palaces, cellars, and spectacular contents, it is a unique platform in the Italian panorama of events related to digital arts. It is more and much more than the creation of digital content that can be enjoyed through a screen or in virtual ways. The artists exhibit environmental works, interactive installations: the widest possible use of technology in the artistic field. The public has been following us with pleasure for some time, many artists from all over the world want to participate and the institutions also support us. We managed to create an international event, enhancing and promoting the digital culture and the territory ». Blooming is an invitation to venture into the discovery of creative processes at the intersection of art, nature and technology as in a magnificent, boundless garden in full bloom.

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Videos, animations and NFT, art is discovered digital at the “Blooming” of Pergola. “Single format in Italy”

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