“We took lions to the Disney studios to paint the animations for ‘The Lion King’”

“We have all dreamed of animation occasionally. The hard part is making it happen. It’s vocational.” Arriving at the doors of the Disney studio to work as an animator is not something that many can boast of. Many years ago, a two-year-old boy watched television technicians carry a heavy television set for installation. On the screen of the mysterious box, a black and white cartoon appeared. The life of that two-year-old boy had changed. For years, he would try to locate that animated short that stuck in his heart.

Raul Garcia He is the first Spaniard to start working in the disney factory as an animator: “I felt terrified. Your work must be comparable in quality to anything that has been done before in the studio’s history. In addition, being the first Spanish animator, you represent all the talent here and you can open doors or close them to those who come behind.

In Raúl García’s curriculum there are characters as mythical as the Genie from ‘Aladdin’ or the fearsome, cowardly and “half-silly” hyenas from ‘The Lion King’: “The experience was very interesting. I came in to lend a hand to the team to finish it. We had a phase of studying animals, bringing lions to the studio, going on safari or go to the zoo to see animals. It was about getting into them and understanding the musculature of felines and drawing lions with a very high degree of realism”.

It also adds to its list of Disney movies ‘Beauty and the Beast’: “It was a strange, frustrating and wonderful experience.” I collaborated on a song called ‘Human again’ that was never included in the final cut”.

Mickey Mouse is his favorite cartoon character, and Raúl told Fin de Semana that he is currently working on a series about the little mouse. ‘Pinocchio’ ‘The Jungle Book’ are other of his favorite animations.

In his conversation at Fin de Semana, Raúl affirmed that in Spain there is a lot of talent and projects but as always “production fails and have stable studies that keep people working for years. The amazing thing about Disney and Pixar is that it’s a group of people who have been working together for decades. It’s an incredible piece of machinery.”

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“We took lions to the Disney studios to paint the animations for ‘The Lion King’”

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