What are we watching this weekend: bad wolf but not too much

It’s time to rediscover the Dreamworks studio which is entering a new era of modern animation to satisfy young and old.

First weekend of January, it’s gray, it’s raining in places: winter is in full swing. Even if global warming seems to spare us from temperatures that are too difficult to bear, this period after the many end-of-year festivities is enough to give us the blues. So there’s nothing like a comforting and fun good time in front of the TV to lift your spirits. But as often, finding the ideal program is not necessarily a cakewalk. The surplus of platforms and ever-growing catalogs definitely don’t help.

Rather than browse your favorite SVOD services for hours, we reserve a home recommendation for you like every Friday. This week, it will be about an animated film. This film genre is home to many nuggets that we tend to avoid too easily. It is sometimes mistakenly thought that cartoons are intended for the youngest, whereas these stories have something to surprise even the oldest. If you subscribe to myCanal, one of the latest nuggets from the Dreamworks studio awaits you.

A story of good resolution

In the middle of January 2023, everyone is thinking about the small actions to take to make this new year a real personal success. Some go to the gym, others learn a foreign language or take up reading. Simple resolutions that we can decide, or not, to follow on a daily basis. In The Bad Guysan animated film released in theaters in April 2022, a group of villains will be forced to become nice.

After a lifetime of theft, bandit animals get caught red-handed. To avoid prison, Mr Wolf, Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, Mr Shark and Mrs Tarantula will have to pull off the scam of the century: pass themselves off as good guys. This story centered around moral values ​​is a great life lesson for young and old alike.

The humor is perfectly mastered, and the studio’s new graphic touch has what it takes to rival the greatest works of the moment, such as Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse. After The Bad GuysDreamworks gave us Puss in Boots 2 at the cinema a few weeks ago. This new tour de force allows the studio to establish itself as the new behemoth of the industry: enough to make Disney tremble.

And on other platforms?

If you do not have access to the Canal catalog, other nuggets await you on other services. For a bit of nostalgia and continuing the legacy of Dreamworks, the franchise Shrek opens its arms to you on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Still on the animation side, you can go to Disney+ and launch Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse (entitled The New Generation in our green lands). This adventure will have the right to follow it on May 31 nextso it’s the perfect time for a catch-up session.

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What are we watching this weekend: bad wolf but not too much

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