What Russian directors and screenwriters are working on today

The second season will be shown in competition at the prestigious German film festival Die Seriale in June. The fan base is waiting for the continuation, the second season does not put an end to the plot. The third season was supposed to show new interesting stories, reveal important social topics, resolve the main love line and send the girls into adulthood. We hope that the series will still be able to complete in the near future – the actors are growing rapidly. Also, together with Zhenya Bogomyakova, we are developing a project for a fairy tale. It will be a good family movie.

There are a lot of things that interest me in my work. I am very touched by the topic of parent-child relationships, teenage psychological trauma. Largely due to personal experience and experiences. I want to tell stories about the relationship between a man and a woman. I’m interested in studying characters with paradoxical behavior. Fear of death is globally my theme. Therefore, in addition to adventurous comedies and dramedy, I really like to make thrillers, horror. I am interested in a woman in the modern world – recently, new ideas are mainly born about female characters.

Alien material is offered very different. It is interesting to shoot about men just from the other side. If I somehow pass through the female characters through myself, then the male characters need to get into my head, analyze their motives. This is an exciting psychological quest that I go through with the actors. I love cinema very much, so I can connect to almost any topic. The key is to have a well-written story.

My author’s works do not contain any binding to the place. I make films about universal human problems, mostly based on relationships or some situations in which the territorial context does not matter much. I have an idea about the future, but it’s about the whole planet. I can’t tell the story yet. But the point is that in a very dark and cruel world of the future, where a man and a woman cannot see each other, two accidentally meet and fall in love, despite the fear and risk.

Felix Umarov, 27 years old, graduate of the camera department of VGIK (workshop of Yuri Nevsky)

Filmed commercials for Chanel, Reebok, Pepsi, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, MTS and Red Bull. Made music videos for GONE.FLUDD and LJ.

I am visiting my sister in France. Even before the quarantine, he began to actively communicate with foreign productions and, having finished filming the series, he came here. The series “Home Field” is a cool story about a woman who becomes the coach of the men’s football team. Of course, at first glance it seems that the plot is centered on fempo agenda, but this is not entirely true. I think it’s more correct to say that the main theme of the series is the fight against prejudice. Now we are at the installation stage, and I manage to do it remotely. I am also working on the film while the script is being finalized. It will be a cool movie, but before the official announcement, I can’t share the details.

Our “Home Field” is an adaptation of the Norwegian TV series Heimebane.

The Norwegian project was released in 2018, and since then many agendas and formats of behavior in society have changed. It was interesting to process this history taking into account our Russian reality and the present time. In one thing, we are similar with the Norwegians: a woman in a football team both there and here at first glance seems to society as something unacceptable. Our series is a sports drama, where the stories of the characters are in the foreground. Sport, on the other hand, serves as a link, but does not go to the forefront.

Of course, the question arises how I, a young guy, was entrusted with a big project. First of all, I had a huge experience in advertising projects and clips. Advertising is an excellent forge and workshop. In parallel with this, I dreamed of a large format. Being in quarantine, I realized that it is necessary to properly manage free time. I started writing my own series – I made an application and a script, sent it to Hype Production. We discussed the project, the guys liked it. In addition, my portfolio spoke for itself.

While we were further developing the script, the producers of Hype Production invited me to talk about the Home Field project. They probably liked my approach to work, and they wanted to see how we could make the series together. Made an appointment. Waving my arms in excitement, I explained to them which direction the story should take, what the main character should be like and what her strength is manifested in. The producers looked at each other rather pleased – they liked the way I was thinking.

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What Russian directors and screenwriters are working on today

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