What to see on Disney+: a great animated and science fiction film comes to streaming after its discreet premiere in movie theaters

A disappointing commercial performance has marred Disney’s latest major animated release, but ‘Strange World’ is nonetheless a great family movie to watch this holiday season.

An imaginative science fiction film in animated format, recovering classic adventures of the genre and seeking to be entertainment for the whole family. Released in theaters very recently, with an extremely discreet step to be one of the last great Disney productions. However, it is well worth seeing Strange world.

Directed by a studio veteran like Don Hall alongside Qui Nguyen, the film offers us a wonderful fantasy adventure, science fiction with designs and worlds typical of comics and movies of the fifties. The voice cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jaboukie Young-White, Lucy Liu and Gabrielle Union and the film is available to view now on Disney+.

The film introduces us to the Clades, an adventurous family best known for the exploits of the patriarch, who travel the world, traversing uncharted and dangerous territories where no other man has dared to venture. One day prepare the great exploration of his life with his sonbut he ends up more interested in a mysterious vegetation with peculiar qualities that can be beneficial for the city.

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The father is disinterested in the discovery and decides to go alone on the adventure, even if he ends up lost and left for dead. However, the great discovery of electrical qualities has allowed the progress and prosperity of the city and the young Clade, now an adult and with his own family, is considered a hero. That is why he will be resorted to when the great miracle begins to show signs of weakness, having to lead a journey into uncharted territory where even more amazing mysteries will be found.

An exciting odyssey that rescues elements of the science fiction of yesteryear, expanding its possibilities with a high-level animation that enhances impossible creatures and territories charged with imagination. Very classic adventure film that makes its references clear, although later it uses the usual tonics of recent Disney to develop the story.

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Strange world plays its cards not to immediately reveal the powerful and important message it seeks to convey, and therefore a good part of the film focuses on family conflicts not far from one Charm either Frozen. Very familiar elements (both for being suitable for being already well known) that reduce part of their capacity for surprise and wonder.

However, it deserved more than its discreet passage through movie theaters, becoming a new failure of Disney animation in the field of science fiction that unfortunately relates it to the undervalued The treasure Planet. His arrival on the streaming platform should be an opportunity to reach all families that they have not moved to see it, although they will have to do it without an iconic song like the arm like ‘No se habla de Bruno’.

You can see Strange world in Disney+.

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What to see on Disney+: a great animated and science fiction film comes to streaming after its discreet premiere in movie theaters

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