Where to see Phineas and Ferb, the animated series that taught us to enjoy summer

“Hey Ferb! What are we going to do today?” A beach in the garden, a time machine, a giant roller coaster… For this duo of brothers, the possibilities were endless and limits did not exist. 15 years ago, Disney Channel premiered the series Phineas and Ferb, in which two stepbrothers took advantage of their roughly 100 days of vacation (before classes started again) to make the most crazy and entertaining plans in the world. Anything was possible and everything always ended up working out.

Every day (or every episode), the red-haired and green-haired brothers woke up wanting to create something new. Their friends Baljeet and Buford and Isabella and her group of Girl Scouts were always willing to help them, much to her sister’s despair. Candice, who had only two objectives in life: to discover to his mother the crazy adventures of his brothers and to make his beloved Jeremy fall in love. At the same time, her pet, Perry the Platypusled a double life as a secret agent and fought daily against his archenemy, the Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtzobsessed with doing evil.

Currently, we can relive that eternal summer full of impossible adventures in Disney+, where you can find all the episodes of the series, which last aired in June 2015 after 4 seasons. In addition, the series featured four films, Phineas and Ferb: Through the second dimension (2011), Phineas and Ferb: Candace vs. the Universe (2020) Phineas and Ferb: Marvel Mission (2013) and Phineas and Ferb Star Wars (2014). All of them can also be seen on Disney +.

Dr Dan Povenmire

Those 20-minute chapters that always had the same structure contained some of the most beloved stories by those of us who were able to enjoy the golden age of Disney Channel. Who does not remember songs like I have no rhythm, I have squirrels in the tights either Enough? Your Creator, Dan Povenmirewas the one who wrote those catchy songs with Swampy March (co-creator of the series) and the screenwriter Martin Olson. In addition, he was also in charge of voicing Doofenshmirtz in the English version.

I like to give people something to remember fondly”, he stated in an interview for Cinemania. And it is that the creator of Phineas and Ferb He maintains a very special relationship with his fans thanks to social networks. Through his Tik Tok account, Povenmire is dedicated to answering the questions he is asked about the production and telling curiosities about the series, from how he composed some of the most mythical songs to the first time he drew Phineas in a restaurant.

The August 12, 2022premiered his new series, Hamster and Gretel, centered on the story of a girl and her pet. On a car trip, they both receive superpowers from some aliens, which doesn’t sit well with their brother Kevin, who will have to help them save the city from mysterious dangers. “I would like it to become part of their childhoods, their teens or their parenthood!”, Povenmire replied to the question about what reaction he expected from the public to this new stage, “I think that is what Phineas He has done for a whole generation of children.” And he is right. Who else would have taught us what the plastic tip of the shoelaces is called?

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Where to see Phineas and Ferb, the animated series that taught us to enjoy summer

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