Why Disney decided to cancel the animated series The Owl House

When the animated series ”The Owl House” first debuted in Disney in January 2020, it received a lot of applause from viewers, gaining a huge fan base for its creative and original content but also adding certain LGBTQ+ characters.

However, despite being so acclaimed, Disney decided to cancel ”The Owl House”, with the creator of the series, dana terrenceexplaining that the reason for the cancellation was not for an audience reason or for COVID-19, but because some Disney executives felt that it did not fit with the company’s brand.

According to rumors, the decision to cancel the show was probably not based on its LGBTQ+ content. Rather it was because ”The Owl House” was aimed at younger audiences than I wanted Disney+something that has bad reasoning considering that the fans of the series are around 17 to 22 years old.

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Although it has not been confirmed if the allegations of the creator of “The Owl House” were true, Disney decided to end the series with a third season with three 44-minute specials, which will presumably resolve all the plots of the story. The first special premiered last October and the following ones will premiere sometime in 2023.

From its inception, the content of ”The Owl House” had a different design than other Disney cartoons, something that was a favorite aspect of fans. The story takes place in the Burning Isles, created in the body of a dead god where demons and monsters are accepted as part of society.

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This isn’t the first time Disney has pushed away talented artists after their visions fell short of expectations. Previously, the famous Tim Burton he left the company due to various creative differences, causing him to leave Disney to begin his directing career.

Now, fans just have to wait for the following specials from the final season of ”The Owl House,” with its second episode scheduled to premiere on January 21, 2023.

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Why Disney decided to cancel the animated series The Owl House

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