Why is “Boruto” Chapter 282, the beginning of “Sasuke Retsuden”, being heavily criticized?

The animation of He has had moments that fans have not forgiven him. Among them we have chapter 246, titled “Boruto uses Karma out of anger!”, and now also chapter 282 that adapts what will be the beginning of the .

After the announcement of the conversion of “Sasuke Retsuden” from the manga to the anime on December 17, Naruto fans were excited about the possibility of seeing a very important milestone: in the five chapters of Sasuke’s novel have reached a total of 421 thousand views.

Chapter 282, which is called “Infiltration”, begins with Naruto’s illness. The character is lying on the ground and Sasuke is going to do some research at the home of the ‘Sage of the six paths’ in order to discover clues to help Naruto get a possible cure.

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In this place there is a prison where Sasuke will meet his new companions. However, they look for a fight and end up facing off in a duel that the one from the ‘Village of the leaf’ would eventually win. In this scene, the first mistake comes as they drew our beloved Uchiha with both of his arms despite the fact that at the end of naruto shippuden lost one.

One of the boys in the prison tries to escape and is suddenly attacked by a velociraptor. Strange event since in the world of Naruto there are no dinosaurs.

This dinosaur is called ‘Meno’ and when Sasuke organizes his escape to find documents from the ‘Sage of the Six Paths’, he is intercepted by the dinosaur with whom he engages in a fight that Sasuke wins after wounding it with his kunai. The next day he realizes that the prison chief has eyes that cancel his ‘sharingan’ for which the Uchiha is involved in a mess.

Why do people complain about the animation of “Boruto”?

The planes and movement are very different from what was chapter 217 where we saw Naruto’s fight in his ‘baryon’ mode againstIsshiki Ootsuki or the one from chapter 65 between Naruto and Sasuke versus Momoshiki Ootsuki.

Why is Boruto Chapter 282 the beginning of Sasuke Retsuden

Some of the fans limited on Facebook, in the account of “that this chapter has more of “Nanatsu no Taizai” than of Naruto himself”, reaffirming his annoyance.

Is there a reason why “Boruto” now has this type of animation?

Apparently, Studio Pierrot, animators and cartoonists of “Boruto”, have given full attention to the legendary return of the anime cataloged in 2022 according to My Anime List, “Bleach: the bloody war of a thousand years”, which is why the quality of “Boruto” would have declined.

What is Sasuke Retsuden?

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The “Sasuke Retsuden” It is one of the stories adapted to the Naruto manga. This is a light novel that has the name “Naruto: Sasuke’s Story—The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust” from J-Books created by Jun Esaka and drawn by Shingo Kimura and the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto.

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Why is “Boruto” Chapter 282, the beginning of “Sasuke Retsuden”, being heavily criticized?

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