With a light, lively and regional tone, São Paulo Cristal cachaça debuts a new campaign

“When in doubt, go with the one that has history”. This is the motto of Engenho São Paulo’s advertising campaign for the presentation of the new packaging of São Paulo Cristal cachaça. The largest producer of alembic cachaça in Brazil, with over 100 years of tradition, has a new face, but with the same quality and flavor that make São Paulo cachaça one of the favorites of Paraíba.

The campaign, signed by the Hanzol agency, features actor Lucas Queiroga, known as Lukete, in a humorous piece that highlights the modernization of the São Paulo Cristal cachaça label, which has not lost its tradition. “The campaign revolves around the presentation to the public of this new label, the chubby under this new vision and the new proposal saying that it has not changed any quality standard, on the contrary, it remains one of the oldest cachaça in Paraíba with taste unshakable, with that mix and that blend”, commented Raphael Dutra, CEO of the agency.

The language and clothing chosen reflect the care taken in representing Paraíba, as well as the choice of Lukete as a highlight. Raphael said that, when the script was being prepared, the concern was to choose someone who would dress and symbolize most of the final consumer. “As today’s public is critical, they like to consume a good product, which is regional, we found Lukete very easily. He is an actor who also makes music production, and has some works being seen and classified by major national TV stations. Bringing the campaign into this context was to make a signature that the public from Paraíba was considered and, more than that, to make the connection so that everyone feels that Lukete’s voice is theirs”, he pointed out.

The VT was shown for the first time during the break of the telenovela “Pantanal” on Rede Globo. According to Raphael, the play seeks to reach a wide audience, all cachaça drinkers. From the person who drinks cachaça at the bar, to the person who buys it at the club, sellers of small markets or large markets and distributors.

new label – For the rebranding of Cachaça São Paulo, signed by the Studio Neopop Imaginária agency, all product labels sold to date were analyzed. The agency carried out in-depth market research with consumers and owners of establishments in the region and sought to maintain the affective charge and visual codes that already make it recognized by the public.

The label of Cachaça São Paulo has a typography that has characteristics of ancient calligraphy, and had the “tilde” of São Paulo replaced by an aureole, so that it would refer to the saint and not to the Brazilian state. “For the new packaging, we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of all its previous labels and even kept some traits – such as the illustration of the ingenuity and the yellow striped band that gave it the nickname, by its public, of ‘ cachaça do chat Amarelo’. All this trying to express the essence of the product, which is a root cachaça”, said Jones Siqueira, managing partner of Neopop Imaginária agency.

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Original title: When in doubt, go with the story

Duration: 30”

Advertiser: Engenho São Paulo

Product: São Paulo Cristal Cachaça

Agency: Hanzol

CCO: Raphael Dutra

Creative directors: Fellipe Rocha

Creation: Luan Cabral, Nicolas Golzio and Fellipe Rocha

Planning: Adryenne Maelly and Fellipe Rocha

RTV: Danilo Rodrigues, Adryenne Maelly, Eduardo Miranda, Luan Cabral, Nicolas Golzio and Victor Oliveira

Attendance: Adryenne Maelly and Isaac Santos

Client Approval: José Fernandes, Luciana Loureiro, Rafael Fernandes, Leonardo Fernandes

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With a light, lively and regional tone, São Paulo Cristal cachaça debuts a new campaign

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