With Avalonia, Disney invites us to go on an adventure (review)

As often, Disney takes advantage of the holiday season to unveil a brand new animated film. Without being available yet, Avalonia, the strange journey has already caused quite a bit of ink to flow. Private release in dark rooms in France, this feature film is at the heart of the turmoil with a kind of reputation that precedes it. Apart from this collision with French cinema, which Avalonia, the strange journey in the stomach ?

We were lucky enough to be able to discover the sixty-first “animated classic” from Disney studios a little in advance. Without further ado, we take stock of what we thought of it in this review. I promise, it’s guaranteed without spoilers. The elements mentioned in this review are taken from the trailers and the official synopsis ofAvalonia, the strange journey.

Head to an unknown world

With Avalonia, the strange journey, directors Don Hall and Qui Nguyen offer us a thrilling adventure in a world populated by fantastic creatures. As Avalonia’s power source is threatened, a former explorer is forced to take up his gear to save it. Disney is determined to come to terms with adventure. A theme that Mickey’s house has already touched on but had abandoned for a long time. Because : Atlantis, the lost empire, Welcome to the Robinsons or Treasure Planet are films that never had the expected success with viewers. Failing that, sometimes.

Thus, Searcher Clade embarks on a strange journey in the company of his son, Ethan, his wife Meridian and the president Callisto Mal in order to save the pando, this revolutionary plant energy source. Through this expedition, our group discovers an unsuspected world populated by bizarre creatures. There, everything is alive. A trip that will not be easy and that will awaken some memories in Searcher since he will finally find his father, an explorer who was reported missing. In the aircraft, three generations of Clades meet. For better and for worse.

At the crossroads ofIndianaJones and of Little Miss Sunshinein the directors’ own words, Avalonia, the strange journey has great promise for anyone with a thirst for adventure.

Avalonia is family

Besides exploring this unknown place, Avalonia, the strange journey is above all a family adventure. On the one hand, the reunion of a father and his son after years of absence. And a lot of bitterness. On the other, a teenager who is making his mark, who is looking for his place and who meets his grandfather, star of Avalonia, for the first time.

The strength of the animated film is there: in the relationships between the characters. Avalonia, the strange journey allows you to meet a fresco of characters, each with their own personality and their own desires. It feels good, it’s refreshing. Basically, the four members of the Clade family are all very endearing and we want to see them interact and evolve.

Spectators won’t have too much trouble identifying with the characters and their problems because the family, the clash of generations, we’ve (almost) all been there at some point in our lives. Don Hall confides, moreover, that he drew heavily on his own history to write that of his characters. Something to touch our hearts. Despite character disputes, Disney always lands on their feet with the same conclusion. As was, in particular, the case with Encanto.

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Umpteenth point of attention: the global message of Avalonia, the strange journey. Without going too much into the subject, and spoiling your experience, just know that the animated film addresses another very current theme: ecology and respecting the environment in which we evolve. It needs to be taken care of and, in its own way, Disney reminds us of that. A beautiful message that still does good today.

Always more beautiful

Another strong argumentAvalonia, the strange journey lies in aesthetics. Visually, this new animated film from Disney is splendid. Whether it’s about colors, details, textures and animation, it’s a real eye-catcher and it feels good. With each new feature film, the studios want to go further. Make it even more beautiful. More fluid.

The animation is a nugget that fans will appreciate. We feel that the people who worked on this new film have given everything to impress us. And it works. Our retina is flattered for 1h42.


A bland expedition?

Despite beautiful promises on paper, Avalonia, the strange journey difficulty in dazzling us completely as it could have done Encanto Last year. The animated film is far from bad, it is even rather good as a whole. But it lacks a little something for it to take off. Above all, the feature film takes a certain time before launching. And when he finally does, it’s already too late… The end is here. Everything is too smooth to really transport us. At the end of our viewing, we unfortunately remain a little on our hunger. The experience was pleasant, but not memorable.

Whether Avalonia, the strange journey lacks this little pep that will allow it to brand the spectators with a hot iron and live on for several weeks after its release on Disney+ (or cinemas, in other countries), it is nonetheless a film of enjoyable entertainment. Both young and old should have a great time alongside the Clade family. It is to be discovered on Disney+ from December 23. To celebrate Christmas!

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Avalonia, the strange journey

WE love

  • Visually stunning
  • Strong messages and values

We love less

  • A little slow to get started
  • Too bland for an adventure movie

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With Avalonia, Disney invites us to go on an adventure (review)

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