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Yoko’s vacationwinner of the Europa Junior Award at the Seville Film Festival, is an animated film produced by Dibulitoon, directed by Juanjo Elordi, written by Edorta Barruetabeña and distributed by Barton Films.

The next December 2 opens Yoko’s vacationthe film that the director has been working on in recent years Juanjo Elordi and the writer Edorta Barruetabeña. In this second installment, and after the success achieved with the television series of the same character and the film Yoko and his friends (2015), separate the characters during a vacation so that they discover that, despite the initial fear, they are able to get out of the routine and face new experiences and make new friends.

The film is produced by Dibulitoon and Wizart Animation with the collaboration of ETB, Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and the Basque Government. The premiere will take place in commercial theaters across the country through Barton Films.

The film, which lasts 61 minutes, is Aimed at boys and girls from 3 to 7 years old and it is conceived as the first cinema experience for those ages, since it is based on the series they already know and which has 79 episodes that can be seen in more than 20 countries. For this, the scriptwriter and director have worked on the story, so that “the stories begin and end in a not very long cycle, they intertwine with each other and are resolved along the way to favor the attention of the little ones”, according to what they say. They claim the pleasure of going to the movies with the whole family and bringing together children of all ages to enjoy the big screen.

The characters in the film are the same as those in the series. Yoko, an unpredictable character who tries to surprise and protect the rest. And the three children: Oto, Mai and Vik who represent three personalities that are very different from each other, but complementary and who always end up understanding each other perfectly and solving any problem that arises through play. In addition, in this new installment 3 new characters appear: Moko, Toko and Izoko, geniuses like Yoko from other parks in the world who will play with the boys and girls awakening their imagination.

Yoko, once again, is a character that encourages outdoor play among friends and encourages imagination and adventure.

Yoko's vacation

Yoko’s story

The Yoko series has 79 12-minute episodes that are still broadcast on ETB and TVE given the good number of viewers it has had. For many months it has been among the top 3 brands in the preschool ranking.

Given the success of the broadcasts, Yoko also has toys and merchandise own in Spain and Portugal. And not only that, there is a videogame of Yoko and a app of the character inviting children to play outdoors.

The first film was released in 2015. Yoko and his friendsnominated for a Goya for Best Animated Film and with an Audience Award at the Seville Festival that same year.

Recommended age: 3-7 years

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Yoko’s vacation | Animation film

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