Yuji Nunokawa, founder of Naruto animation studio, dies at 75

The Studio Pierrot, in charge of animating the anime from ”Naruto”, has just announced that its founder Yuji Nunokawa he died at age 75 on December 25. Through its official Twitter account, the study released a statement revealing the unfortunate news.

”It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Yuji Nunokawa, former Chairman and Supreme Advisor to Pierrot. Mr. Nunokawa passed away on December 25. He was 75 years old. We will miss him very much for his leadership, commitment and passion ”, can be read in the published image written in Japanese.

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Born in the city of Sakata in Yamagata Prefecture, Nunokawa graduated from the Japan School of Design in 1967 before working as an animator and technical director at Mushi Production, Studio Jack, and Tatsunoko Production. Nunokawa founded Studio Pierrot in 1979, where he served as president and senior advisor, as well as working as an animator and anime director.

Due to his hard work and the success of several of his series, Studio Pierrot became a mainstay of the anime industryfirstly working on animes like ”Magical Angel”, ”Creamy Mami”, ”Magical Fairy Persia”, ”Saber Rider”, ”Osomatsu-kun” and ”Komagure Orange Road” .

His most notable works were the adaptations made of the manga of Weekly Shōnen Jump, including ”Yu Yu Hakusho”, ”Bleach”, ”Naturo”, ”Beelzebub” and ”Black Clover”. Earlier this year, the studio paid tribute to Naruto when the anime celebrated its 20th anniversary with a video called “ROAD OF NARUTO” that revived iconic scenes from the series.

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In 2019, Studio Pierrot’s work earned him an award from the Japan Cultural Affairs Agency, an award that honors individuals who have made outstanding achievements in artistic and cultural pursuits and is rarely given to individuals working in the art industries. anime and manga.

Studio Pierrot confirmed that it will hold a memorial service for Nunokawa at a later date.

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Yuji Nunokawa, founder of Naruto animation studio, dies at 75

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