Zé Carioca: the 1st Brazilian Disney cartoon that Generation Z must know

The new ones on duty may not know it, but the disney there is a Brazilian character that became VERY FAMOUS around the world. Yes, we are talking about Zé Carioca, which, in 2022, is turning 80 years old. Too legendary, right? It is for these and others that Purebreak decided to list some curiosities about this icon that you may not know. Did you leave to stay inside this piece of history?


Second Ezequiel de Azevedo in “The Tico-Tico: One Hundred Years of Magazine“, in 1941, during a visit to Brazil, Walt Disney was presented by the cartoonist J. Carlos with a drawing of a parrot hugging the Donald Duck. A year later, in 1942, in the United States, the entrepreneur met the musician Jose do Sponsorship Oliveiraknown as Zezinho. The caricatured mannerisms of the paulista (yes, he was not from Rio) inspired the personality of what would become Zé Carioca, a very Brazilian parrot, full of swagger and trickery.

Original name

Here in Brazil, we know the character as Zé Carioca. However, in English it is called Joe Carioca.

Ze Carioca the 1st Brazilian Disney cartoon that Generation Z

political strategy

It was in the midst of World War II that Zé Carioca was created. Its emergence took place as part of the American President’s Good Neighbor Policy. Franklin Roosevelt. The purpose? Bringing Latin American countries closer to the United States. In addition to the Brazilian parrot, Disney also created the Mexican rooster panchito. Accompanied by Donald Duck, they later formed the trio known as The Three Caballeros (The Three Horsemen).

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Zé Carioca’s debut was in “hello friends” (or “Saludos Amigos”, in English). In the 1942 film, Donald Duck lands in Brazil and is welcomed, guess what, by our tupiniquim parrot, who introduces his friend to samba and cachaça. Zezinho, who inspired the creation of the character, was responsible for his dubbing.

In 1942, our Brazilian legend debuted in comics. His first story was “The King of Carnival“. In these comics, Zé Carioca is a typical rogue who always finds a Brazilian way to escape being stolen.

Since then, the character has occasionally appeared in films, almanacs, and even television. His story has also developed, with secondary characters being added over the years.

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80 years of Zé Carioca: what’s next?

The parrot’s 80th birthday will not go unnoticed. Disney is preparing several actions and activations over the next few months to celebrate this special date, such as the launch of consumer products, special content on social networks, among many other news.

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The book rescues the character’s memories

The celebrations began in July, during the São Paulo International Book Biennial, when Disney and the publisher Culturama launched “O essential do Zé Carioca: celebrating the 80th anniversary of its debut”, which has 14 stories, distributed in 144 pages. , which portray remarkable moments in the character’s life, from his beginnings to the most recent phase, accompanied by articles full of information, curiosities and incredible images.

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Disney+ series promises to reintroduce the Brazilian parrot to new generations

In March, Tony Anselmothe voice actor for Donald Duck, revealed, during Comic Con in Ontario, Canada, that the Disney+ will launch in its catalog the cartoon “Legend Of The Three Caballeros“. The production stars Os Três Cavaleiros. In other words, the new generations will be able to see Zé Carioca in action, alongside Donald Duck and Panchito. Very cool, right?

Zé Carioca, born in trickery | by Alan Christian | Medium

So, did you already know Zé Carioca?

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Zé Carioca: the 1st Brazilian Disney cartoon that Generation Z must know

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