Zerocalcare, the CEO of animation talks: “Two of our reference animated series”

You never stop digging. And to learn. Uncork along the edgesthe series became a cult signed by Zerocalcare, amazed an entire nation (and beyond). Going deeper, the secrets behind this Italian success slowly come to the surface, one after the other.

The cartoonist Michele Rech had been a guest of Catteland to present the series, when he told us about the dubbing of Valerio Mastrandrea (voice of the armadillo) and of the soundtrack choice for the series:

“The team of Movements he really built entire scenes around the songs I had chosen, to build a fluid and interdependent narrative of music and images “

Movements Production is the studio that animated the drawings of Zerocalcarethat is, “to make the characters move from the tables, to make them act, to make them alive” as he had explained to us on the radio Ilariaa 25-year-old professional animator who worked on the images of Tear off along the edges. Together with her, the people involved in the making of the series were about two hundred.

Movements And music are the two major differences between an animated product and the comic counterpart, purely on paper. Speaking of music, we of Radio DEEJAY we have fathomed the episodes of Tear off along the edges to extrapolate all the songs inserted and chosen in first person by Zerocalcare. If you are curious, you can find them below, scene by scene.

On the phone with Giorgio Scorza of “Movimenti Production”

Recently, a Megajay with Gianluca Gazzoli, we discovered further details that lie behind Tear off along the edges. There is on the phone Giorgio ScorzaCEO of Movements Productionproducer and technical co-director of the series Zerocalcare.

“We always produced, animated and directed together with Michele,” he explains Peel. A real team effort. “I didn’t expect success of this kind, we were satisfied but we didn’t think we would reach these results”.

Also because it is an animated series: in Italy no other similar production has really managed to “break through”.

“We are a bit of a unique case, I was excited to see the series at number 1 on Netflix: it seemed like an epochal transition to me. Our points of reference? The only such titles that have worked lately have been BoJack Horsemanwhich had set a precedent for us as an adult animated series, and Rick and Morty. These are the only mega-successes on an international level: but starting from the United States is already a success… We have been a little more pioneering. Having Michele at the pen was a great advantage ”-Giorgio Scorza

The animation of “Uncorking along the edges”: a race against time

How long does it take to animate a TV series?

“More than it took us, but we raced because we wanted to: we wanted to come out within the year and we succeeded, the production also took place largely in a period of covid and semi-lockdown, it was also an internal challenge. It took us just over ten months, which is very little for animation ”.

Ten months to animate six episodes of about fifteen minutes each. Ten months to animate an hour and a half film. And they also went in a hurry. Just to give an idea of ​​how much work there is behind a similar product.

The dubbing of “Tear along the edges”: the voices in the center

And what about dubbing?

“I’m joking that I was the non-director of the dubbing: I wanted to leave Michele free to have his punk attitude, to sustain the speed and density of content and words that the series has. Same for Valerio Mastrandrea (voice of the armadillo, ed), who has always dubbed the parts in the room together with Michele. Even if they didn’t really dubbed: on a technical level, they recorded the voices before we went into animation, based on the study of the shots. We chose to do it first to glue the animation to the characters, and not do the opposite “

On the first floor there are the voices, then, then the animation that accompanies and supports together with the music: the most important thing of all is the flow of consciousness of Zerothe center of gravity of the series and comics of Michele.

“There were also those who did not believe in us, but those who make cartoons in Italy have been hearing criticism for a few years. No problem, we go straight! ”, Scorza jokes

Straight to one second season from Tear off along the edges? “For now we enjoy the first. We would very much like to continue … “

Listen to the full interview with Giorgio Scorza on “Tearing along the edges”

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Zerocalcare, the CEO of animation talks: “Two of our reference animated series”

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